Best Mailing Plugins for WordPress in 2016

1. WP Mail SMTP

Rating: 4.5 rating based on 204 ratingsDownloads: 1,913,190

This plugin reconfigures the wp_mail() function to use SMTP instead of mail() and creates an options page that allows you to specify various options. You can set the following options: Specify the from name and email address for outgoing email. Choose to send mail by SMTP or PHP's mail() function. Specify an SMTP host (defaults... Read More

2. Mail Bank - PHP Mail & SMTP Plugin

Rating: 4.2 rating based on 50 ratingsDownloads: 1,304,078

Mail Bank is one of the highly productive WordPress plugin. Mail Bank is an substantial tool known for excellence deliverability through safe and secure way. It has following two options to send emails one is SMTP server and other is inbuilt PHPMailer. This plugin provides easily configurable email parameters for sending emails allows to view... Read More

3. Mail Subscribe List

Rating: 4.4 rating based on 53 ratingsDownloads: 140,606

To get even more email subscribers, use this plugin too! This is a simple plugin that allows visitors to enter their name and email address on your website, the visitors details are then added to the subscribers list which is available to view and modify in the WordPress admin area. This plugin can be used... Read More

4. Mail On Update

Rating: 4.9 rating based on 11 ratingsDownloads: 37,128

Since WordPress Version 2.5, WordPress automatically checks if a new update for an installed plugin is available. However, you still have to check your wp-admin to see the notification. This plugin informs you via e-Mail when a new update is available. It uses the WordPress build-in update function to periodically check for new versions at... Read More

5. Mailing List

Rating: 4.4 rating based on 5 ratingsDownloads: 10,735

Grow your mailing list with zero effort POWr Mailing List is a free cloud-based plugin you can edit in your live web page. Create a POWr account to access the entire plugin library. First, download, install, and activate POWr Mailing List. Then drop the plugin anywhere in your theme. Or add to a page/post with... Read More

6. Mail Booster - Email SMTP Plugin

Rating: 4.0 rating based on 4 ratingsDownloads: 5,030

Mail Booster is a primary and the very first plugin which supports for an efficient email delivery. Mail Booster is an Easy, lightweight, and moderately configurable plugin which is used to send and Log Emails and also troubleshoot the outgoing Emails easily. This plugin allows to change the Sender Address and name in outgoing Emails... Read More

7. Mailing Group Listserv

Rating: 4.2 rating based on 10 ratingsDownloads: 3,644

The WP MailingGroup plugin allows you to run a Mailing Group, also known as a Listserv in web speak, right from your WordPress website. This means you can sign up your users, friends, neighbours, family and whoever else you want, directly from your WordPress administration area, and they can then all exchange emails via their... Read More

8. Reminder Mail System

Rating: 5.0 rating based on 2 ratingsDownloads: 692

Reminder Mail plugin Is used to send mails to clients or other from admin panel to remind something. == Support = You can find (

9. Mail Crypter

Rating: 0.0 ratingDownloads: 348

Mail Crypter 0.2.3 Mit diesem Plugin kannst du deine E-Mail Adressen auf deiner Wordpress Seite schützen. Dadurch ist es Bots nicht mehr möglich deine Webseite nach E-Mail-Adressen zu durchsuchen und diese dann für SPAM oder anderes zu missbrauchen. Mit dem einfachen [mail_crypt] Shortcode kannst du einfach deine E-Mail-Adressen in Beträge und Seiten einfügen. Dazu musst... Read More

10. Mail Categories

Rating: 5.0 rating based on 1 ratingDownloads: 210

Plugin que realiza un informe de la última entrada de cada categoría. Permite configurar el tiempo en el que serán consideradas antiguas y notificar por email si no se ha escrito en el tiempo especificado. Contributors: Christian Cabrero Tags: categories, mail, plugin, notification, seo Requires at least: 3.0.1 Tested up to: 4.3, 4.5.1

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