The Top WordPress Opt-ins Plugins of 2016

1. Hustle - Pop-Ups, Slide-ins and Email Opt-ins

Rating: 4.3 rating based on 444 ratingsDownloads: 621,910

Hustle is the ultimate marketing plugin for building a mailing list, targeted marketing, lead generation, improving conversions and growing your business. Hustle let’s you easily grow your mailing list or display targeted ads across your site with pop-ups, slide-ins, widgets and shortcodes. Hustle Makes Styling Your Pop-Ups Easy Hustle let’s you quickly style your marketing... Read More

2. Subscribe to Double-Opt-In Comments

Rating: 4.3 rating based on 4 ratingsDownloads: 95,804

English Allows readers to receive notifications of new comments that are posted to an entry, with double-opt-in Feature. First, the user will get an e-mail with a confirmation link, after the user has confirmed the subscription, he or she will be noticed about new comments. Plugin based on Mark Jaquith "Subscribe to Comments". More information... Read More

3. Popups, Welcome Bar, Optins and Lead Generation Plugin - Icegram

Rating: 4.8 rating based on 149 ratingsDownloads: 299,350

Icegram is the best plugin to easily create beautiful optins and call to actions of your choice, show them to targeted visitors and convert them to customers and fans. Icegram totally eliminates the need to hire a developer. You can easily set it up within minutes and start recording results right away. Most similar quality... Read More

4. Opt-In Front Page

Rating: 3.0 rating based on 1 ratingDownloads: 34,745

This plugin has been retired. No further development will occur on it. The Opt-In Front Page plugin lets you add posts to your front page on an opt-in basis, rather than remove posts on an opt-out basis. This allows you to manage any number of asides categories. In short, only posts in your "Blog" (or... Read More

5. Cookie Opt In

Rating: 5.0 rating based on 4 ratingsDownloads: 23,322

Important notice before you begin: + Currently in legislation is a change to this law that will probably make this plugin useless. The pending changes are that a website can use most if not all cookies just by informing the visitor, no longer needing consent. Consent is implied by using the website. European law states:... Read More

6. OnePress Opt-In Panda

Rating: 4.6 rating based on 25 ratingsDownloads: 12,803

Boost Converting Visitors Into Subscribers & Customers Opt-In Panda locks a portion of content on a webpage by hiding it and asks the visitor to enter one's email address (opt-in) to unlock your content. Screenshots | Try Live Demo >> Opt-In Panda gives visitors a reason to subscribe right now in return to instant access... Read More

7. Price Drop and In Stock Alert by Followprice

Rating: 3.0 rating based on 2 ratingsDownloads: 1,076

Automatically notify customers via E-mail and Facebook notifications Bring traffic with 3X higher converting rates back to your store Retarget followers with Coupon Codes of their followed products "Followprice provides a proven way to improve customer conversion and retention via method that is additive to existing consumer engagement practices." Mark Chrystal - Former SVP of... Read More

8. Jetpack Holiday Snow Opt-In

Rating: 5.0 rating based on 1 ratingDownloads: 715

Make Jetpack's Holiday Snow feature accessible by only showing it if user has opted-in by clicking a snowflake displayed on the page. Users can also disable the snow if they get tired of it by clicking the snowflake again. The snow is disabled by default, and the snow status is stored in a cookie so... Read More

9. sitepackage:// Newsletter Opt-In

Rating: 0.0 ratingDownloads: 381

To use this plugin you need to register for the sitepackage:// newsletter system on There is a free version available. sitepackage:// is a web based newsletter system to create, send and analyse personalized e-mailings and their spread across social media. This plugin provides a fast and easy way to integrate a newsletter opt-in form... Read More

10. EU Opt-In Compliance for MailChimp

Rating: 0.0 ratingDownloads: 359

This addon extends Easy Forms for MailChimp by creating an additional section on the form builder called 'EU Law Compliance.' There you can manage a checkbox that will make your form compliant with The EU Opt-In Directive (Directive 2002/58/EC, Directive 2003/58/EC) which covers all direct email marketing messages, including charitable and political messages. Below all... Read More

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