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10 Marketing Tips to Grow Sales During Festivals

Be it online or offline, both the purchase decisions are emotion driven. Agreed?

These emotions are on the positive side especially during festivals/ holidays. So planning a marketing campaign around such occasions can prove to be really beneficial.

1. Make a list of festivals

The first thing to do is make a list of festivals you want to run marketing campaigns for. It is generally seen that marketers only run campaigns for two festivals – Christmas and Halloween. But infact there are many more festivals which can help you get similar profits.

2. Identify the countries that celebrate those festivals

Once you've decided the festivals you want to keep marketing campaigns for, you need to list down the countries that celebrate these festivals. Mostly festivals like Christmas, Thanksgiving are universal. But there are tons of festivals like Diwali, Culture Day are country specific.

So for the success of marketing campaigns during such holidays, one needs to find out the right regions that celebrate these holidays.

3. Create and target onsite messages

Once the regions are identified, next is to create onsite marketing campaign – like; put up a hello bar throughout the site or put a popup on exit intent.

4. Promote the festival offer on social media

Social media has a wide reach and if you promote your offer well via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc there is a high chance of enormous traffic landing on your website.

Some tips that can help you market your campaign better on social media are:

  • Figure out the trending festival hashtags
  • Post frequently and promote your offer
  • Reduce queries by mentioning the places the offer will be valid for
  • Use festival based graphics to make the offer more exciting on social media.

5. Email users in advance

Make use of the your subscriber list. Segregate them country wise and send an invitation email to customers, informing them about the ongoing festival offer. You can send multiple emails to subscribers throughout the period of the festival offer, but see to it that these emails are relevant and well spaced out.

If your email marketing service doesn't permit you to segregate subscribers based on countries, here is a tool that does – Smart Manager.

6. Provide live support

This may seem fancy and unnecessary, but if you have a complex product like something which the users can have multiple questions about, live support is a necessity.

It gives you an opportunity to communicate directly with your customers and also close the sale faster. Having a live support during sale days is both cost effective as well as highly productive.

7. Setup a countdown

Setting up a countdown on your site has proved to increase urgency among customers. Thus, directly influencing visitors and making the accept the offer faster.

8. Setup a funnel

Offers if the best time to sell more. Thus, take sometime and setup upsells, downsells throughout your website. This tactic will help you more and grow your revenue enormously.

9. Grow your subscriber list

Now many visitors are not offer driven and thus might not close a sale. But you can still get these visitors to convert to subscribers by giving them a cool freebie.

Festival days see a lot of traffic and if you give away something of value for the customers for free you may end up doubling your subscriber list during these days.

10. Give them a call

Just like an personal email, you can go ahead and give loyal customers a call. Make sure, you call them at a time appropriate to their schedule and be short and concise about the festival sale. Also, always start with a greeting specially if you call them on the day of the festival.

Create Your Festival Marketing Plan Now

It's never too late, to create your festival marketing plan. And believe me you will thank me later for pushing you to try it out. Download this Free Festival Marketing Calendar and get started right away.

P.S. Incase you have any queries, more tips feel free to add it to the comment section below.


6 thoughts on “10 Marketing Tips to Grow Sales During Festivals

  1. Hey guys, great post to grow sales. I think have a subscriber list is really the best way to go about it. Then, you have this asset where you can create traffic on demand which leads to sales. It’s awesome.

    1. Yes, building a subscriber list has loads of benefits. It is definitely an asset which can be summoned as and when you have something interesting coming up on your website.

  2. This is a good post to increase the sales. I agree. Thank you for the post.

    1. Glad you liked it 🙂

  3. Great list. Thanks for sharing this informative post. It’s very helpful.

  4. It’s really informative. Thanks for sharing this awesome article.

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