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28 Ways to Maximize Visitor Engagement and Conversion On Your WordPress Site

Last updated on December 28, 2015

Whether you sell software, shoes or services; getting visitors' attention, increasing visitor engagement and directing them to take action is the primary purpose of your website.

You may be doing a lot to acquire traffic. You may be spending most of your time building and maintaining your products. Or you may already be working a lot on increasing conversion rates.

But there is always scope for improvement…

Here are 28 ways to better engage visitors and increase conversion on your call to actions..

Visitor Engagement

The way your entire website looks, the words and images you use and how your site communicates its message has a big impact on visitor trust and your conversion rates.

The problem is that most companies rarely have the big budgets or large teams working solely on optimizing their websites for conversions – measuring, experimenting and fine tuning every element of their website to increase sales and customer value.

So, let’s look at some things that can be done, without a large team or budget, to easily improve visitor engagement.

Btw, You can use our free WordPress plugin – Icegram to implement all of these ideas. You can even use the free Analytics addon to track performance!

I'm grouping these actions by pages on site for convenience. Feel free to use these ideas wherever it works for you.

Homepage / Landing page

This is your main entry – landing page. Everyone who comes to your website has to go through this space… so use it smartly. You can use Icegram and show messages for…

  • Welcome users
  • Important update
  • Announcing a contest
  • Showing a recently received testimonial
  • Shouting out a scarcity offer

Product Page / Checkout process

This is the actual space that generates sales. All you do here is give them the meat of your offerings.

  • Show an upsell offer
  • Or a downsell offer
  • Reminder about a time based offer
  • Count of the customers that downloaded your product (could increase credibility)
  • Introduce a new product
  • Link an affiliate product

Demo page

People visiting the demo are your most potential customers. They are interested in your product and are committing their time to checkout the demo. Make sure you don't spoil or loose this opportunity. Keep the messages here useful, pleasant and informative.

  • Give a cool tip about the product
  • Show an offer
  • Place the buy now CTA after the completion of the product demo
  • Back up the demo with a testimony related to the product

Testimonial / Reviews page

A high impact page that could crack you deals. So showcase the best of your organization here.

  • Give a reply to the customer that dropped you a testimonial
  • Give information of the product that the testimonial giver purchased
  • Show testimonials that were received on Twitter
  • Show the Social media like buttons
  • Ask the visitor to write a one liner and get featured


  • Invite sign-ups for the newsletter
  • Show the most trending blog posts
  • Show offer for your lead generator product just after a blog post content
  • Show social media follow/like button

Contact Us

  • Show a link to FAQ (Help them resolve queries instantly rather than creating a ticket and waiting for reply)
  • Give them your mailing details / phone number
  • Show important info: Like when to expect the reply
  • Ask for feedback/suggestions

Feel free to pick up these ways or create your own. And better yet, share how your are using Icegram here so that everyone can learn!

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