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5 Types of Personal Emails That Transformed John’s Journey

Learn how john's journey evolved through tailored advice, motivational content, celebratory milestones, networking invites, and interactive feedback emails.

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Last updated on January 16, 2024

Imagine you’ve just launched your e-commerce business and have worked incredibly hard to build an email list. That’s what John has done! John owns a WooCommerce store that sells products for toddlers.

After building the email list, the challenge now lies in sending emails that speak directly to his customers.

Being an e-commerce beginner, John only knows the basics of the digital world, email marketing is going to be a steep learning curve! This is where sending personal emails made a world of difference to John’s WooCommerce store.

Types of 5 personal emails

Abandoned cart emails

Abandoned cart emails are like follow-ups after the customer has abandoned their cart before checking out. There could be multiple reasons – they must’ve forgotten to check their order after adding it to the cart or must’ve accidentally closed the browser.

Either way, abandoned cart Personal emails are a great way to convert sales, which might otherwise be lost in oblivion. And this could be John’s perfect chance to address those lingering concerns about the product. This email makes them feel confident about the product or the brand, encouraging checkouts.

Further, John has added elements such as product images and social proof such as testimonials or ratings to build trust. To direct his readers to the next step, John has also added a call-to-action button and a direct link to the abandoned product. Another way to encourage checkouts is to highlight an urgency to buy the product through a discount.

Here’s an example from John’s WooCommerce store – Tiny Tot’s Hub that asks the subscribers if they’ve forgotten something. Besides minimal text, they also highlight the specifics of the product for better clarity and a CTA button that takes them to the product page for the final checkout.

Product recommendation emails

These Personal emails can be sent as per the products previously purchased by John’s specific customers. The product recommendations in the email can be made as per:

  • Search and browse history
  • The categories of most purchased products
  • Discounts, coupon codes, or offers availed
  • The brands previously searched for
  • Preferences based on products for specific seasons

This is yet another way that John shows that he cares about the preferences of his customers. Suggestions about related products inspire additional purchases, which also showcases a deep understanding of customer needs.

Giveaway update emails

Free giveaways combined with a little suspense invites enormous customer engagement. Being one of the most promising promotional tactics for brands, giveaways can considerably build brand recognition. It can also help a brand with enhanced followers, likes, and shares. Besides these benefits, giveaway emails can also be highly personalized.

For example, these emails can talk about your customer’s specific journey in the giveaway contest. The email can mention if the customers have moved up a notch to grab the prize, or if they are out of the race. Some premium customers can also get a sneak peek through these emails about another upcoming giveaway.

These emails can be sent:

  • Several days before the giveaway begins
  • On the day of the launch (Thank you email for participating)
  • Engagement emails (During the giveaway is in action)
  • A last call to participate before the doors close
  • Thank you email for participating

To personalize it further, you can add the location name, and send the picture of the product that the subscriber has bought.

Special days emails

Who doesn’t like being remembered on their special days? Birthdays, anniversaries, you name it! These days light up our lives and greetings just make them a bit better. John has opted to make his subscribers feel valued and remembered.

Thanks to email marketing tools, remembering countless dates for specific customers has been easier than ever. As John further dug deeper into the user personas, he gauged personal interests and has likewise sent greetings on public holidays or special days to his customers accordingly.

Here is an example of how John makes his customers feel special on their special day:

Concern-related personal emails

Customers usually have different concerns or questions about the product John sells for toddlers. The questions range from:

  • The material used to manufacture the products
  • Its durability
  • Safety standards of the products
  • If there are any guarantees or warranties available for the product

Despite details being present on the website’s product page, John’s customers often tend to overlook these. A sure-fire way to feel that his customers’ questions are heard and addressed promptly is with a personalized concern-related email. Here’s how John addresses his customer’s concerns:

How did these emails help John?

These emails made a world of difference to John as they have been a significant part of his sales funnels. Sending a couple of these emails randomly might not be able to spark the magic for John. Hence, a vital lesson to remember is that communicating with humans in varied ways is considerably helpful.

This is where personal emails shine, as they feel like they are sent from a person rather than a brand. It shows that the person wants to connect with the reader as a person and not as a prospect allowing brands to nurture the relationship.

Taking John’s email strategy further

Sending personal emails is never a one-time strategy. And that’s why, if John wishes to strengthen the relationship, he must continue to nurture the conversation in the times to come. Further, John measured the success of these emails and refined them in the upcoming strategy with his newfound knowledge.

In a nutshell

Emails have evolved and continue to evolve. The rise of data and analytics has led to marketers developing strategies that align perfectly with what the customers are looking for. While technology has made mass communications possible, its effectiveness is still something that technology can’t take care of, making personalization an indispensable element.

Wondering why your emails fizzle out, despite the best personalization tactics? There’s a lot more to it! Allow Icegram Express to connect the dots! Join us to find out how we iron out the irregularities in your email marketing efforts!

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