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7 Sure Shot Email Subscription Form Tips – Lessons learned collecting 100k emails

Our friends at AppSumo compiled a list of 7 tips / hacks / insights on improving conversions for email subscription forms. We are summarizing it here for brevity!

Do visitors agree to pass on their email?

Around 1.66% of visitors give their details. If the visitor does not know the store owner personally there are 2% chances that he will give her email details.

When to show the email subscription popups once a customer is on the website?

The best time to show an email pop up is 5 seconds after the visitor has scanned the webpage.

What headlines work the best?

There are basically 3 categories of headlines that are successful when used in subscription form pop-ups.

  • Social Proof: Show how many people have already subscribed.
  • Incentives: Give them a bonus for joining your mail list.
  • Discount: Give them a discount coupon for joining your newsletter.

How often do we show an email pop up to a customer?

Don't worry about the frequency / interval of showing your email popup. As long as you are asking for it, it's fine!

What color works best for the button?

Red. Green. Yellow… There is no such formula but keep in mind that the button should stand out from color palette used on your site.

What should the popup text say?

The popup text must speak about the incentives that the customer will be getting.

For example: Get free weekly content with exclusive tips.

What should the button say?

Use reinforcing language about the reason the person is signing up.

For example: Get Great Stuff

Read the whole study…

For in depth review, click to read the full report on AppSumo.

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