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Easiest lead generation and list building wordpress plugin for marketers, bloggers and business owners. Save leads to WordPress, MailChimp, WebHooks & more.

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Lead Generation Forms Made Easy

You can start collecting leads on your WordPress site within 5 minutes with Rainmaker. Rainmaker comes with readymade forms and three elegant design styles.

You don’t have to waste time learning how to build a form. You don’t even need a mailing list. No waiting for conversion improvements and results. Rainmaker gets you leads right away.

Embed Anywhere in WordPress

A Rainmaker Form can be embedded in a blog post, a page, a sidebar or anywhere in WordPress with a simple shortcode. You can use Icegram to show popups, sidebars, action bars, exit intent overlays or any other type of attention grabbing message.

You can even add a Rainmaker form to your own lead capture / landing page design for complete control.

3 Elegant Form Design Styles

They will fit any theme you have. Plus you can use them with your own designs.

Rainmaker includes 3 different form design styles

Automatically Saves Data

Rainmaker automatically saves all form submissions to WordPress database. No extra configuration or plugins needed. This way you can store and view lead information on your site even if you are subscribing them to a mailing list.

MailChimp Integration

Use Rainmaker as a list building plugin – connect your mailing list service and automatically subscribe leads to a list easily. Rainmaker integrates MailChimp signup forms with WordPress currently and other popular services are coming soon.

How does Rainmaker plugin work?

3rd Party Webhooks

With its unique webhooks support, you can relay submitted form data to your own CRM, internal systems or any other 3rd party service. You can even send it to IFTTT or Zapier for instant integration with 400+ apps.

It’s All Free!!

Icegram & Rainmaker make the easiest and best marketing solution for any WordPress site. Absolutely Free!! Rainmaker helps you create and manage leads and forms, while Icegram is the best all-in-one WordPress plugin for onsite visitor engagement using popups, header / footer bars, notifications, messengers (and much more).

What Rainmaker is not…

  • Rainmaker is not a form builder plugin
  • Rainmaker is not a mailing list or newsletter plugin
  • Rainmaker is not a popup / welcome mat / notification bar… plugin
  • Rainmaker is not a contact form plugin

What Rainmaker is…

  • Rainmaker is an easy plugin to collect leads on your website
  • Rainmaker is the only plugin that can save leads, subscribe them to MailChimp and send lead data to any other service
  • Rainmaker is great for everyone who wants something simple that just works

5 Simple Steps To Lead Collection and Newsletter Subscription:

1. Create a new Rainmaker Form. Choose form elements you want – Name/ Email…
2. Select a design template – Classic / Material / Iconic
3. Connect with MailChimp (if you’d like to), and Webhook (if you’d like to). Save the form.
4. Copy and insert the Rainmaker form shortcake in a sidebar / widget / Icegram message / post / page – basically anywhere you want to show the form
5. Watch leads grow and be merry!

Choose Design Template
Choose Design Template
Choose Appropriate Action and Copy the Shortcode
Choose Appropriate Action and Copy the Shortcode

Why list building? Why Rainmaker?

Forms are undeniably the most important component of your website. Whether you are a blogger, marketer or a store owner, everyone needs to build a list and keep in touch with customers. However, not everyone has the technical expertise, energy, time to set up a lead capture system.

Our intention behind Rainmaker was to build an elegant, simple solution that standardizes displaying, data collection and further processing of subscription forms (and possibly contact forms / other forms in future). All this with the help of a simple shortcode that can be inserted anywhere on your website in less than 5 minutes.

Rainmaker makes this process of creating forms and collecting customer data simple. It gives you ready-made high converting optin forms that can be displayed anywhere on your website using a simple shortcode.

Once the user enters information in the form, submitted data gets stored automatically in the Rainmaker dashboard.

Rainmaker + Icegram = Perfection

Rainmaker is perfectly compatible with Icegram. Once you’ve created your Rainmaker form it directly appears inside the Icegram’s Campaign editing panel. Select the form name and it directly gets inserted inside Icegram’s campaign.

Select Rainmaker Form in the Campaign Editing Panel of Icegram
Select Rainmaker Form in the Campaign Editing Panel of Icegram

Advantages of using Rainmaker

  • Start collecting leads in under 5 minutes – no coding skills, third party plugins or mailing list required!
  • Works with all themes and plugins to display forms anywhere on your website (posts, pages, widgets)
  • No learning curve – easy to use, ready forms, intuitive interface, newbie friendly
  • Awesome Icegram integration for high converting popups, action bars, overlays and calls to actions

If you are a marketer, blogger, store owner or want an easy an effective way to collect and manage leads on your WordPress website, Rainmaker is your go-to plugin.

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