Congratulations on showing interest in the Icegram affiliate program. You can earn a 20% commission on every successful referral you make. Before promoting us, please review our terms and conditions.

  • We do not allow affiliates to promote our product on websites that encourage violence, promote illegal stuff, or site that has copyright infringement or any unlawful content.
  • Affiliates are not entertained to use PPC or any advertising campaign bidding our brand name or trademarked terms.
  • It is not permissible for affiliates to use the domain/subdomain containing our brand name to trick users to confuse our legal identity. Affiliates are not allowed to create Facebook, Twitter or any Social Media account on behalf of our brand name to promote the products.
  • Affiliates should not alter the Icegram brand logo and its associated product logo where changing the background color or blending it with your website background is permitted.
  • We do not accept coupon aggregator websites promoting the Icegram products. If you have got a solid plan to promote via your quality coupon website, reach us before and get approval.
  • Affiliates spamming our product on someone’s website, comments, and forums excessively will be banned from our affiliate program.
  • We do not support websites or individuals performing incentivized model of promoting our product such as loyalty points, cashback or virtual rewards.
  • If affiliates use their own link to purchase products for themselves they will be banned from promoting our products.
  • We have a cookie period of 180 days which means when a user clicks on their link and buys anytime between 180 days of the initial click, you’ll be rewarded.
  • We have a 30-day money-back guarantee for all our products. Refunds will automatically be adjusted in your affiliate dashboard.
  • We have 30 day lock period i.e. if an affiliate generates a sale during the 3rd of January, he/she will get the referral approved by the 4th of February.
  • We have a monthly pay cycle where if an Affiliate reaches a minimum commission level of $50 will be paid on the 25th of every month.
  • We are currently using the Paypal gateway to pay our affiliates their smart earned commissions. If you have any trouble receiving your affiliate commission, you can reach out to us anytime.
  • We have the right to modify/add/remove affiliates without notifying anyone to protect our brand.

The above terms and conditions may be subject to change in the future. In case of any modification to these terms, the affiliates will receive a prior email containing the updated terms and conditions to continue our affiliate program.

Feel free to reach our Affiliate Manager, Sathish S – anytime.

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