Conversions & Impressions Analytics

Icegram Engage gives you important stats and helps you improve your customer engagement strategy

Analytics is an important feature to understand how customers interact with your messages.
Most of the lead generators don’t give analytics, but Icegram Engage does!

Using Icegram Engage’s analytics you can easily check how your optin is performing. The dashboard is simple and easy to understand.

Icegram only displays necessary stats and doesn’t crowd you with unnecessary data.


Three Important Parameters Needed to Track Optin Performance

  1. Impressions – Number of times visitors have seen your optin
  2. Conversions – Number of times visitors have clicked on the CTA of the optin
  3. Conversion Ratio – The ratio of conversion vs impressions

How Analytics Works?

You don’t have to do a thing. Just create your Icegram Engage campaign and make it live. Icegram Engage will automatically monitor every interaction that the campaign has with a visitor and record stats.

You can view the stats anytime after and take necessary steps to improve the campaigns further.

Is Analytics For Me?

An optin which is not measured is of no use. Analytics gives you a clear view of what is working and what’s not. Helping you make important decisions and improve your marketing strategy.

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