Badges are signs of progress, achievement and honor. They create authority and are visually attractive.


What attracts a visitors and keeps them engaged on your website? Yes, it is the way the website looks.

Whatever be your theme & brand colour, you can oomph your website instantly using this amazing Icegram message type called BADGES.

Badge Can Be Used For Showing Messages Like:

  • Sale Announcements
  • Contest Announcements
  • Winner Announcements
  • New Product Arrival Announcements
  • Important Website Specific Shout Outs
  • Festival Shout Outs
  • Gratitude Shout Outs
    And lot more…

Live Demo

Check out all the demos to see different themes and positions available in Badges add-on for Icegram.

How Badges Guarantee Attention?

Attention Grabbing Layout

Badges are different. They do not resemble popups or action bars. They are tiny but very unique thus grabbing a lot eyeballs.

Impeccable Timing

Badges can be targeted anytime. You can either show the badge when a visitor lands on the page or minutes later or just before the visitor leaves (exit intent). Believe me, each time they will be noticed.

Beautiful Design Templates

Badges are unique message types and to top that Icegram provides it with beautifully designed templates. These templates can be easily customized to match the color pallette of your website, mood or theme.

Strategic Positioning

Badge can be placed at 4 unmissable positions i.e the corners of your screen. These position guarantee maximum visibility, the top right corner being the hot favorite.

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