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Can You Make Money From Email Marketing?

Do you take full advantage of email marketing potential? Use result-driven strategies to make money from email marketing and establish close relations with your subscribers.

make money from email marketing

Last updated on January 17, 2024

Are you using email marketing to increase profit and still struggling?

If you answer yes, you probably do not maximize email marketing’s potential.

Email marketing can produce an impressive ROI and put you ahead of the competition. Losing such a golden opportunity would be like leaving money on the table.

Further, a weak approach can also spell disaster and undo weeks or even months of hard work. In this competitive world, you can not afford to miss opportunities and give your competitors an upper hand.

Here is how you can carefully approach your customers and make money from email marketing:

How can you make money from email marketing?

Step 1: Organize email lists

The marketing plugins can help you build a strong marketing strategy and help you stand out from your competitors.

The first step is to use customer-centric emails describing your products and enriching their knowledge. Email marketing plugins can help you with segmentation and customizing email lists. The segmentation process divides subscribers into different groups based on age, gender, location, interest, and more. While custom email lists help you send targeted emails.

Step 2: Welcome emails

An email marketing journey focused on building relationships can be incredible and build a good rapport. Further, it opens the windows for converting your new subscribers into devoted customers.

Besides, welcome emails boost revenue by 30% and exhibit an impressive click-through rate. Unlike other marketing emails, it makes people feel appreciated and allows them to learn about your brand story, deals, interesting offers, testimonials, and more.

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Step 3: Release newsletters

A long-lasting relationship with your subscribers is crucial for a consistent income. Newsletters are a great budget-friendly customer engagement model as you continue your journey in the marketing world. As you introduce your services, think out of the box to leave an impression on their minds.

Now, how do you ensure high user engagement?

Several factors have an impact on user engagement. Such as:

  • A high-converting newsletter subject line that encourages subscribers to open your emails.
  • Newsletter format that helps you stand out from competitors with eye-soothing fonts, brand color palettes, and CTAs,
  • Storytelling techniques with images and GIFs, improving readability and evoking subscribers’ interest,
  • Website links to direct your customers to your sales pages,

The more valuable your content is, the higher the chances of user engagement. Give your subscribers reasons to engage and invest money in your product.

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Step 4: Send sales emails

Ever wondered how a sales email achieves its financial goals without completely centering it toward selling?

Brands use many ways to introduce deals, discounts and giveaways in their sales emails. Thus, build a robust email marketing strategy before introducing a sales pitch in your emails.

Your strategy to introduce your products in sales emails before pitching any offer is pivotal.

A value-driven and customer-centric sales offer can leave a lasting impact on subscribers’ minds. From header to email signature, subscribers must feel compelled to take action.

The additional benefits that attract customers include:

  • Free shipping on orders above X amount,
  • Buy X, Get Y free,
  • Buy up to X amount and get Y amount gift coupon,
  • Shop before X date and save Y amount,

Besides, end-of-season sales and clearance sales are some of the best examples that e-commerce giants usually introduce. E-commerce companies like Amazon, Flipkart and Myntra send such emails to catch their subscribers’ attention.

Marketing campaigns remind your subscribers about your current offers over a period. Which can persuade subscribers to make purchases.

Step 5: Send promotional emails

Promotional emails keep your products at the forefront of your subscribers’ minds when they start shopping.

Further, select which products you wish to promote rather than dumping them all at once. Also, while writing promotional emails, acknowledge why you wish to promote your products. In addition, craft promotional emails that persuade your subscribers to buy your products.

Here are the different kinds of promotional emails that help you make money:

  • Member/ subscriber exclusive deals,
  • New released offers,
  • Limited time discounts,
  • Giveaways and contests,
  • National and international holiday sales,
  • Special coupons, gift cards, refer-a-friend discounts,
  • Sharing stories to promote your products,

Targeted promotional emails produce effective results and we have research to back that claim. As you can see, about 73% of professionals use promotional emails to increase revenue.

Let’s take the example of Airtel which uses real-life stories to promote its Airtel 5G network,

can you make money from email marketing_airtel email newsletter example
how to make money from email marketing_airtel newsletter example 2

Airtel has protected its 5G plan by sharing people’s stories. The narration explains how Airtel 5G enabled people to stay in contact with loved ones.

Hence, the message it sends is that the way to reach people’s hearts is by standing with them through thick and thin.

Step 6: Invite them all at once

What is the most effective way to bring your audience to upcoming gatherings?
What helps you reach out to your target audience in a short period?

Email invitations!

Email invitations for upcoming events or contests must make your subscribers feel wanted and appreciated. It could be introducing new technology or attending a company event.

For example,

At the beginning of 2023, Airtel sent invitations to its subscribers via email. It was to invite people to their store and let them experience the power of 5G technology.

make money from email marketing using newsletter made by email marketing plugin

After Airtel introduced 5G technology in October 2022, their collaboration with other businesses caught subscribers’ attention.

How to make money from email marketing – Learn from the top brands

Example #1 Converse – Bringing appealing content to make money from email marketing

Converse has come a long way from being a basketball shoe company to becoming a fashion staple. Over the years, various marketing strategies have helped it to lead the market, maintaining its relevance and appeal. The credit goes to their user-centric strategy and focus on a diverse customer base.

Take an example of the recent emails to its subscribers.

The subject line is concise and direct. The major part of the target audience is the young generation. The theme represents the choices of its user base and keeps up with the brand image.

make money from email marketing_email subject line example

Converse releases the footwear collection with the association of LFC and announces the ‘Cyber Week’ sale.

Since the beginning, the focus has been on diversity and brand storytelling. It’s to keep up with the enthusiasm of new product releases and go along with the taste of today’s young generation.

how to make money from email marketing like Converse did with their email newsletters

The company leverages Cyber Week and Football to entice youth toward its collection. Their new collection consists of everything that youth looks for including personalized accessories.

A GIF displaying sneakers works effectively for the company to promote the collection. It makes the email visually appealing.

how to make money with email marketing and email marketing plugin for newsletters like converse

Hence, the focus must be on subscribers’ needs while promoting products. If you announce new releases, ensure the message is crisp and right.

Example #2 Costa Coffee – freebies often help make money from email marketing

Costa Coffee is another example of leveraging the potential of welcome emails. Rewarding subscribers with giveaways is a surefire way of drawing their attention.

Given that the cafe operates on a “Low Engagement, High Frequency” model, which means low brand engagement and high purchasing frequency. Hence, Costa Coffee aims to build relationships with its subscribers.

make money from email marketing and email plugins_cc newsletter example

The company welcomes its subscribers with ‘five free beans point’ giveaways. The reward scheme leads subscribers to earn more points and receive free coffee. Besides, clickable links assist customers to download the app on their phone.

This ‘welcome reward’ marketing technique enables the company to reach its financial goals. Besides, it establishes a strong bond with its subscribers.

how you can make money from email marketing newsletters like costa coffee

Earning rewards with a free cup of coffee, who wouldn’t want that?

The deals and reward technique keeps subscribers interested and improves customer retention rate.

‘Converse’ and ‘Costa Coffee’ are perfect examples of successful email marketing strategies.

Promote your brand using the above email marketing strategies. Opt for high-converting emails for sales and promotion. Learn which approach works best for your brand and what your audience expects from you. Ensure that there is no misinformation related to your product in your subscribers’ minds. To earn high monetary benefits, address the gap between subscribers’ desires and your offers.

To sum up

Email marketing is a gold mine if you learn how to use its potential to draw excellent outcomes. Brands’ desired email marketing results may extend beyond monetary gains. It could include earning loyal subscribers, constant support, a good rapport, and more! Also, it encourages your potential subscribers to accept your deals as beneficial.

As you know, the customer is king!

Hence, your email marketing approaches must revolve around serving subscribers’ best interests. It will help you convert subscribers into loyal customers and aid you in making more money.

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