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50+Catchy Email Subject Lines for Sales & Holidays

Discover 50+ catchy email subject lines for sales that are proven to boost open rates. This guide covers holidays, industries, and tips for using Icegram Express to make your email marketing shine.

Catchy email subject lines for sales

Last updated on July 4, 2024

Let’s be honest – your inbox is a battlefield. Emails fight for attention like gladiators, and yours are probably getting lost in the fray.

It’s frustrating, right? You pour your heart and soul into crafting the perfect email, only to hear crickets in response.

But what if I told you that the secret weapon to winning the inbox war is hiding in plain sight? It’s your subject line – the unsung hero of email marketing.

Think about it: your subject line is like the movie trailer for your email. It’s the first (and sometimes only) impression you get to make. A boring, generic

the subject line is like a trailer with no explosions or plot twists – no one’s going to buy a ticket.

However, you can turn the tide in your favor with catchy email subject lines for sales. That’s like a trailer that leaves you on the edge of your seat, begging for

more. And that’s exactly what we’re going to help you create.

In this guide, you’ll discover:

  • Proven subject lines that cater to holidays, industries, and every type of email you send
  • Insider tips on how to personalize your emails and create a sense of urgency
  • How Icegram Express can be your secret weapon for effortlessly creating and managing effective email campaigns

Ready to transform your email marketing and finally get the results you deserve? Let’s dive in!

What catchy email subject lines for sales will make people open?

Imagine your email open rates soaring and sales skyrocketing, all thanks to a few carefully chosen words in your subject line. It’s not a marketing myth – it’s the power of crafting catchy email subject lines for sales that truly resonate with your audience.

Whether you’re gearing up for Black Friday madness or want to make your Mother’s Day campaign a smashing success, we’ve got the insider tips and tricks you need to craft subject lines that demand attention.

Sure, following email marketing trends can be helpful, but if you’re ready to take your open rates to the next level, it’s time to break free from the mold. I know, stepping outside your comfort zone can be scary, and figuring out where to start can feel overwhelming.

Now let’s check out some of the catchy email subject lines for sales, used by real brands across various occasions. We’ll dissect what makes them so effective and reveal how you can adapt these winning formulas to your campaigns.

Best creative subject lines

catchy email subject lines for sales

Death Wish Coffee‘s “The 2024 Valhalla Java Tankard” subject line is a battle cry for coffee lovers with a taste for adventure. This captivating subject line will catch the attention of Viking enthusiasts and introduce a coffee experience designed for those with a taste for adventure.

Some examples for your reference:

  • Subject: “Warning: Opening this email may result in uncontrollable shopping urges.” (Playful with a hint of FOMO)
  • Subject: “Hey [Name], we’ve handpicked some goodies just for you.” (Personalized and enticing)
  • Subject: “This email contains a secret discount code. Shh…” (Mysterious and exclusive)

Best follow-up subject lines

Best follow-up subject lines

“Still thinking about it?” subject line is a gentle yet effective nudge for those who’ve been eyeing their outdoor gear. TOPO’s brand is well-known for creating a sense of connection with its subject lines.

They make it feel like a friend is checking in on your plans, and the fear of missing out (FOMO) makes you want to click and see what you might be missing.

Some examples for your reference:

  • Subject: “We’re still crushing on you… and your abandoned cart.” (Playful with a gentle reminder)
  • Subject: “Did you change your mind? We’re giving you another chance.” (Direct and inviting)
  • Subject: “Just checking in… because we care about your [problem they’re facing].” (Thoughtful and solution-oriented)

Best last-chance subject lines

Best last-chance subject lines

BarkBox’s “Last Chance to Get Your Dog’s Gift by Xmas” subject line isn’t just a clever play on words; it’s a direct line to the heartstrings of dog owners everywhere.

This simple yet potent phrase taps into the emotional bond between pet and human, reminding us that our furry friends are more than just animals – they’re family.

It’s a gentle nudge that sparks a pang of guilt (and maybe a little excitement to spoil our pups), driving us to click and discover the latest gifts, treats, and toys from BarkBox.

Some examples for your reference:

  • Subject: “[Name], this is your last chance to snag this deal before it vanishes!” (Personalized and urgent)
  • Subject: “Don’t miss out on our biggest sale of the year… literally.” (Emphasizes the magnitude of the sale)
  • Subject: “The clock is ticking! This offer expires at midnight.” (Creates a sense of urgency with a specific deadline)

Best curiosity subject lines

Best curiosity subject lines

Rifle Paper Co.’s “Don’t Open ‘Til After Dessert” subject line is like a secret note passed under the table, a tantalizing whisper that promises a delightful surprise. It’s a playful challenge that piques curiosity and creates a sense of anticipation.

The subject line invites readers to indulge in a sweet treat before uncovering a hidden treasure within the email.

Some examples for your reference:

  • Subject: “You won’t believe what we’re about to reveal…” (Mysterious and builds anticipation)
  • Subject: “The secret to [achieving their goal] is hidden in this email.” (Promises a solution to a problem)
  • Subject: “This is NOT a drill! Open immediately for a surprise.” (Sense of urgency and excitement)

Best holiday subject lines

Best holiday subject lines

The Sill’s “Roses are Red, & These Plants Are Too!” subject line is a clever twist on a classic Valentine’s Day rhyme, injecting a breath of fresh air into the holiday’s traditional clichés.

It playfully challenges the expected, suggesting a greener, more enduring alternative to the fleeting beauty of roses. This unexpected approach sparks curiosity and invites a closer look at The Sill’s Valentine’s Day offerings.

Some examples for your reference:

  • Subject: “Ho ho hold up! Don’t miss our holiday deals.” (Playful and festive)
  • Subject: “Treat yourself (and your loved ones) this [Holiday].” (Inviting and encouraging indulgence)
  • Subject: “[Holiday] cheer delivered to your inbox (with a side of savings). (Promises joy and discounts)

Best non-profit subject lines

Best non-profit subject lines

Planned Parenthood’s “What can you do for Black Lives” subject line cuts through the noise and offers a direct invitation to take action.

It acknowledges the frustration and confusion many of us feel and then empowers us with tangible ways to support the Black Lives Matter movement.

This simple yet powerful question is a call to action that’s hard to ignore, reminding us that even small steps can create a ripple effect of positive change.

Some examples for your reference:

  • Subject: “Your generosity can change lives. Donate now.” (Direct and impactful)
  • Subject: “Be a hero for [cause]. Your donation matters.” (Empowers the recipient to make a difference)
  • Subject: “Together, we can create a brighter future. Will you join us?” (Emphasizes community and collaboration)

Best subject lines that make the entrance

RebelsMarket knows how to speak our language – a little cheeky, a little irreverent, and always ready to embrace the weekend spirit.

Their subject line, “C’mon, it’s Friday and You’re Killing Time Anyway,” is a playful wink that acknowledges our collective end-of-week brain fog.

Let’s be real – by Friday afternoon, most of us are mentally sipping margaritas on a beach, not staring at spreadsheets. RebelsMarket, the purveyor of all things edgy and cool, gets it.

Some examples for your reference:

  • Subject: “We’re not kitten around with these deals…” (Punny and attention-grabbing)
  • Subject: “This email will make you laugh (and maybe buy something). (Lighthearted and honest)
  • Subject: “We’re having a sale… and we’re not even mad about it.” (Sarcastic and humorous)

Why should Icegram Express be your secret weapon?

Forget those clunky, complicated email marketing tools – Icegram Express is here to make your WordPress life a whole lot easier (and more profitable!). Here’s why savvy users are jumping on board:

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Key features to skyrocket your email game:

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  • Email design made fun: Forget boring emails. Icegram Express’s drag-and-drop editor lets you create gorgeous, engaging messages without ever touching a line of code. Choose from pre-designed templates or unleash your inner designer and build your own.
  • Don’t let sales slip away: Did a customer abandon their cart? No worries! Icegram Express’s WooCommerce integration swoops in with automated reminder emails, gently nudging them back to complete their purchase.

Is Icegram Express the right fit for you?

If you’re a…

  • Small or medium-sized business: Ready to level up your marketing and grow your audience? Icegram Express is your secret weapon.
  • Blogger or website owner: Want to build a thriving community and keep your readers coming back for more? Icegram Express can help you do just that.
  • DIY marketer: Are you tired of shelling out for expensive email platforms? Icegram Express puts the power in your hands, so you can manage your campaigns like a boss.

For more detailed information on pricing plans, visit the Icegram Express Pricing page.

Why subject lines are important (Like, really important)?

Think of your subject line as the bouncer at an exclusive club – it decides who gets in and who gets left out in the cold. A boring, generic subject line is like wearing sweatpants to the Met Gala – you’re not making it past the velvet rope.

But a catchy, intriguing subject line? That’s like rocking a custom-made Versace gown (or a killer suit, if you’re into that sort of thing). It tells everyone, “I’m important, I’m interesting, and you need to see what I’ve got.”

Short & sweet: Less is more (characters, that is):

No one wants to read a novel in their inbox. Keep your subject lines concise – aim for 50 characters or less so your whole message shines on those tiny mobile screens. Think of it like a Twitter post but with even higher stakes.

Emojis: Use with caution (and a touch of whimsy):

Emojis can add personality and spice to your subject lines, but use them sparingly. A well-placed pizza emoji might work for a food-related email, but a string of random emojis is just going to look spammy (and who wants to be associated with spam?).

Curiosity gap: Tease, don’t torment:

A little mystery can be a good thing. A subject line like “Psst… We’ve Got a Secret for You” is intriguing, while “You Won’t Believe What Happened Next!” is just clickbait. Find the sweet spot between piquing curiosity and misleading your readers.

Avoiding spam filters: Stay out of the junk folder:

Spam filters are like the TSA of email – they’re looking for anything suspicious. Avoid using trigger words like “free,” “guarantee,” and “cash” in your subject lines, and make sure your email content aligns with your subject line.

Your email marketing makeover starts now!

So, there you have it – a treasure trove of catchy email subject lines for sales, proven to boost your open rates and ignite your conversions. Remember, your subject line is the first impression you make, so make it count! Get creative, experiment, and don’t be afraid to break the mold.

Ready to transform your email marketing into a well-oiled, sales-generating machine? Icegram Express is your ultimate sidekick, empowering you to craft captivating campaigns, automate your workflow, and track your success with ease.

Don’t let your emails get lost in the digital abyss. Try Icegram Express today and watch your open rates soar!

Try Icegram Express


  • Q: Why are email subject lines important for sales?
    A: Catchy subject lines grab attention, boost open rates, and ultimately lead to more sales.
  • Q: How can I write catchy subject lines?
    A: Keep them short, use emojis wisely, tease the content, avoid spammy words, personalize, and use tools like Icegram Express.
  • Q: What is Icegram Express?
    A: Icegram Express is a user-friendly WordPress tool that simplifies email marketing, making it easy to create engaging campaigns, automate tasks, and track results.
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