Icegram Express Open and Click Tracking

Know how your subscribers engage with your email campaigns

Go beyond the basic insights!

Get acquainted with the power of different metrics and analyze them with ease. Plan your campaigns better with Icegram click tracking and aim for greater success.

Let Icegram Express do the heavy lifting for you!

Track and follow your subscriber’s interests and keep an eye out with email tracking, always! Check your email campaign performance with a click!

Pinpoint the Audience’s Response

Gauge the inclinations of your customer base with a pinpointed approach. Enhance your communication with relevant email outreach and hit the right chords. Get a clearer picture of the users’ response, and tweak your email strategy based on the results.

Data-driven Decision Making

Monitor clicks, content engagement, unsubscriptions, email openings, and the durations a user spends engaging with your email. Track your subscriber’s behavior and get insights into the right timing for better engagement.

Relevant Campaigns

Create more relevant and targeted campaigns, and open the door to smart communications. Identify which campaigns drive the most engagement and conversions to optimize your marketing strategy effectively and craft relevant campaigns.

Save Time and Efforts

Spot changes, identify improvement opportunities, and save time on continuous reiterations. Use data-driven insights to make smart tweaks instead of directionless efforts to make the perfect first impression.

Personalized Communication

Get accurate data and know what’s happening with your audience. Track, manage, and optimize your email opening rate, and links through advanced email analytics on a deeper level. Specifically, craft words that your audience wants to hear. Make a connection. Strike a chord.

Customer Insights

Be it prospects, clients, or simply an audience segment, make decisions based on location, frequency, and time. Gauge what worked for your customers, and what didn’t, and create a tailor-made strategy for them. Listen to your audience even when they are not talking.

Haven’t measured your email marketing performance yet?

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