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Get the most valuable insights you need to keep your best subscribers on board. Turn unsubscribes into actionable steps for email marketing success. Collect customer feedback and encourage future re-engagement.

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It’s time to stop panicking about unsubscribes! Use IG Express to understand why people leave & win them back with data-driven insights. Learn from unsubscribe feedback and re-target for more success!

Add Unsubscribe Link

Empower your email recipients with the option to opt out gracefully. Ensure maximum transparency and respect for their preferences with Icegram Express.

Analyze Unsubscribe Survey

Gain valuable insights by analyzing the reasons behind unsubscribes. Address the potential issues and improve your email marketing strategy, effortlessly.

Collect Customer Feedback

Gather direct feedback from unsubscribed customers. Understand customers’ needs and preferences better, and tailor your email content accordingly.

Boost Your Credibility

Demonstrate your commitment to customer satisfaction by actively seeking feedback and addressing concerns. Boost your reputation as a trustworthy sender.

Find Best Subscribers

Identify your most engaged and loyal subscribers by analyzing the unsubscribe feedback via surveys. Focus your efforts on retaining and nurturing these valuable contacts.

Enhanced Re-Targeting

Retargeting is a must for online businesses. Increase the efficacy of your retargeting efforts and maximize the chances of winning back lost email subscribers.

Don’t be afraid of “Unsubscribe.” Learn & grow from it.

Don’t let unsubscribes sink your e-commerce store or online business! Collect unsubscribe feedback and win them back. Use IG Express to track unsubscription trends and identify areas for improvement.