Before we jump to pricing…

Price is an important factor in decision making. But we usually confuse price and value. If something feels “expensive” (or “cheap”) we discard it altogether.

Here are some perspectives / questions to help you make an informed choice today.

What value can this plugin create? Can it help grow subscribers, revenue, (any other objective you have)? Will it make my work easier?

What’d be the cost of not using this? What’s the real cost of alternatives? How does the price compare to my general daily expenses?

If I procrastinate and abandon buying this today, am I delaying achieving my goals? What results can this produce within a week of using it?

Pricing & Plans

Organize your submissions. Stop worrying about leads. Grow with Icegram Collect.

Starter $0 forever
Pro $129 per year
Max $229 per year
Core Features
Supported SitesOneOneThree
Own Your Data
Contact FormsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Subscription FormsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Leads / ContactsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Campaign Monitor
Icegram Express
Icegram Engage
Hubspot Pro
Active Campaign
Webhooks (IFTTT, Zapier, Pabbly etc)
Advanced Features & Benefits
Save Submissions to WP DB
Review and Filter Leads
Export Leads to CSV
Custom Forms
Compact Layout
Premium Designs
SupportWordPress Forum SupportPremium Support (Email)VIP Support (Email + Facebook)
Download Pro Max
30 days money back guarantee Buy With Confidence

Lots of reasons why people sign up for Icegram Collect…

Compared to other WordPress plugins…

  • Super fast form creation.
  • Lead storage to DB, privacy, export to CSV.
  • No load on server.

Compared to Airtable & other SaaS services…

  • Unlimited data, much better return on investment.
  • No vendor lock-in. You own your data.
  • Native integration with WordPress and other plugins you use.

Soft, but important factors…

  • Top-notch, full-featured product.
  • Reputed team – committed to your success.
  • Brand that supports WordPress ecosystem.

Frequently Asked Common Questions

We’ve answered most common questions here. Feel free to contact us if your question is not answered.

Who is Icegram Collect made for? Do I need it?

Icegram Collect is the best plugin to store and organize newsletter subscriptions lead submissions on your WordPress website. Most of the contact form and service inquiry form plugins don’t save leads – instead they send email notifications. Our plugin can capture all the lead information and store them safely in your database. You can export it later and proceed to approach or move to the next step in the funnel.

Do I need to have coding skills to use Icegram Collect?

No coding or designing skills are required to use the plugin. All you need is to install the plugin and click a few buttons to create your forms. There is no complex setup. You will be done in literally a few minutes.

Is Icegram Collect beginner friendly?

Yes, it is a simple yet robust form plugin for WordPress that has easy-to-use options. You can create contact forms and subscription forms within minutes.

What about GDPR and privacy?

We respect privacy and laws. Your data is stored on your WordPress database and you own your data.

BTW, do not forget to take subscriber’s consent where required. And once you sign up for Starter / Pro plan, you should mention Icegram as a third party service you use.

Do I have to renew my license every year?

We strongly recommend that you auto-renew your license, so that you continue getting all the latest updates, fixes and stay eligible to receive support.

Is pricing based on number of forms used? Number of contacts?

No. This is a flat annual price. We may add pricing based on number of contacts in future. But if you buy now, you will get unlimited access.

What happens if I cancel?

You can continue using the plugin until the end of your subscription period. Beyond that you’d need to renew at then prevailing prices to continue using.

How do I get updates?

Once you activate the plugin and connect your blog with your Icegram account, you will get automatic update alerts within WordPress. You can update directly within WordPress.

What kind of support do you offer?

We take pride in providing professional, one to one support to our customers through our email based support system. Pro customers get access to phone support as well.

Can I use this for my client’s websites?

Yes sure. Just buy one license for each site you want to use it on.

Can I use this on more than one sites?

One purchase grants you license to use on one site. Buy as many times as you need. If you want to use it on more than 20 sites, contact us for Agency discount.

Can I upgrade in future?

Yes. You can upgrade at any time in future, and will only be charged proportionately.

Lombra – The Lombra Blog


Must use plugin to collect leads on your website
Works perfect with Icegram Engage and increases your subscribers list on Mailchimp and Icegram Express email subscribers and newsletter plugin. Great support! Must try it!

@hubsienda – Sienda Ltd.


Definitely worth the while!
Great plugin, super useful! And great people behind the scenes. Use it, it is worth the while!!

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