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Common Networking Mistakes Not To Make While Reaching Out?

Networking is the lifeblood of a business that ensures its growth and success. By establishing nurturing connections you can open a new door of opportunities for your business. So let's find out more on how you can build better connections.

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Last updated on January 16, 2024

Top 5 Networking Mistakes Not To Make While Reaching Out

Networking is more important for your business than you think. We are not only talking about traditional face-to-face interaction but also about establishing your online presence and creating networks.

Networking is not just about exchanging business cards. But it is about creating a web of connections both online and offline that can benefit you professionally and personally.

By participating in these events, you will get an opportunity to meet new people. People with similar mindsets and who share the same interests as you. You can use these events to interact with them. It helps you to attract potential investors, mentors, prospects, etc.

So are you ready to enhance your networking game both in person and on digital platforms? If yes, let us help you guide the process easily. In this article, we are going to discuss the importance of networking and addressing common networking mistakes along the way.

Common networking mistakes to avoid networking purposes

Not starting yet

The biggest and most common networking mistake you are probably committing now is not starting yet. For the offline aspect, if you are missing events to meet people in real life just because you are introverted, shy, and a little hesitant. You are missing a great opportunity.

To be able to build a strong network by establishing nurturing professional relationships. You have to identify individuals within your industry or field who can be valuable connections for your peers, mentors, industrial leaders, leads, and professionals with similar interests.

For this, you can attend networking events such as industry conferences and seminars and meet up to meet them ways to face and build new opportunities.

If not possible you can also utilize online professional networking platforms like LinkedIn to connect with professionals globally. You can engage in relevant groups or discussions to expand your online presence.

Focusing on too much on selling

Read out this sentence aloud with me. Don’t try to sell or force someone to buy your solution from the beginning. Rather than seeing them as a perspective, build genuine connections first.

To do this, you can provide value to others, for example, sharing insights, resources, or assistance whenever possible to showcase your expertise.

A strong network can help you to increase the likelihood of receiving referrals and recommendations which can open a whole new door of opportunities.

They can also provide guidance and their experience to you which can help you to cope with the rejections and grow better. And if not anything you can learn from other experiences and gain knowledge through their outreach strategies.

Bad Communication Skills

Another common networking mistake is not paying enough attention to your communication skills. It might not look that important but trust me, to be a good marketer you need to master this skill.


Well, with effective communication, you can easily convey your messages. It can help you to be clear with your message. And avoid chances of misunderstanding or misinterpretation, leading to high chances of rejections.

With strong communicable skills, you can proactively engage with your prospects and address their concerns or objections.

You can easily establish connections or demonstrate empathy through your communication which can positively influence your networking message.

Even if you face resistance or rejection in the first phase, with the ability of your communication style you can revise your approach and address any specific concerns to turn a rejection into opportunity.

Effective communication skills can also contribute to a positive professional image which can help you to enhance your credibility and make a lasting impression even in the face of rejection.

With strong communication skills, you are more likely to receive feedback after each rejection which can help you to understand and restructure your strategies.

Lastly, I would like to clarify. When we talk about communication skills, we want you to not only focus on your speaking skills but also listening skills.

A good listening skill allows you to comprehend the specific reasons for rejection which allows you to grasp details provided by the prospects better.

It also helps you to understand your customers, prospects, as well as your client. It helps you to understand what their concerns are and the areas where you need to work.

Conducting monologue

Another common networking mistake that people make is to dominate the conversation without allowing others to participate actively. People often make the mistake of trying to speak more and listen less.

While communicating with other people offline, don’t try to speak more but try to listen. Give the listener time to react or respond to your sharings. And listen to their opinions actively.

While communicating with people via email or text, make sure to send short and crisp notes. Also, try to ask for feedback and give them enough time to respond.

Note: no-reply email is a straight no.

Focusing solely on selling

One of the worst yet common networking mistakes you can make while networking is focusing unnecessarily on selling. Whether it is a face-to-face event or an online networking space, you must avoid this mistake.

In face-to-face networking events, you shouldn’t focus on selling your products solely. Instead, try to build genuine connections with people. Try to learn about others’ experiences and express your sensor interest in fostering a stronger foundation for collaboration.

In virtual networking spaces such as social media emails or professional platforms, you must see to build valuable connections. Rather than finding just the potential customers you can look for people with similar interests who can share insights, participate in discussion, and provide support to you. This will help you to establish trust where the online presence and build your brand authority.

Failing to follow up

After the initial networking interaction, it is important to follow up. You cannot ignore the person after interacting with them once. Instead, try to take follow-ups like sending thank you emails or scheduling future meetings to build consistent communication and solidify the connections.

Why Is Networking Important For A Business?

Networking plays a vital role in attracting new clients, investors, partners, etc. but to understand the importance of networking even better let us see a story of two friends who had the same opportunity and talent, but a different business approach.

Sharon and Isabella are two friends who want to start their own business. Sharon is a girl with a dream but no experience but Isabela is a well-researched woman and has worked in different companies previously.

Sharon’s approach towards her business was more organic. She used to spend days and days building her company. She has an amazing team and with hard work, innovation, and collaboration, she develops a really powerful product. However, she ignores the importance of strategic networking.

On the other hand, Isabella is a smart woman who knows the importance of networking. So apart from spending time to build a product, she uses her intelligence and calculated moves to navigate professional circles, secure partnerships, and engage with mentors. Through networking, she can get exclusive opportunities that are rare for startups in the initial phases.

She doesn’t stop here. She keeps on attending industry events, conferences, and gatherings to make new connections. It not only has to gather information but also helps to scout potential investments and build her reputation.

Now when the time comes, while Isabella can expand her business, attracting new investments and opportunities, Sharon gets stuck. Even though she has a great product, she isn’t able to attract customers which leads to her business reputation decreasing further. In the end, she is forced to sell her product to a tech giant and start over.

So what do we understand from this story? The key takeaway is to never ignore the importance of networking in a business. Even if you think that you are just a beginner you should just focus on the product.


Remember that when you are starting a business it is essential to increase your connectivity as it can help you to get mentors, investors, and even potential clients.

By following the simple steps discussed in the article, you can easily avoid common networking mistakes navigate through a business event, and build better connections.

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