Icegram Express Custom Form Fields

Personalized information for each contact information

Find information specific to each contact from your list!

With all the information you need to personalize your messages at your fingertips, it’s easy to spark messages that strike a chord!

Make Way for Personalized and Relevant Communication

Create, customize, and edit custom forms in multiple ways. Store, and organize data and get the pulse of the small yet crucial parts of personalization.

Add Labels and Placeholders

Add labels and placeholders for fields such as names, emails, addresses, and much more, and modify those as per your requirements. Customize your form fields as per your business and your customers’ preferences.

GDPR Compliance

Icegram Express helps your audience with a checkbox for your visitors as per the compliance regulations in your country. You can customize the description for the checkbox with links and additional formats in HTML while ensuring compliance with the GDPR rules.

Record the Information

Record the information, collect custom field data, and take the personalization for your campaign a step ahead. Tailor your custom form fields to your brand with just a click. Add a predefined audience field and spark off communications optimized for conversions.

Customizing Campaigns

Take personalization a step further with automation. Leverage the power of automation and add relevant information and don’t miss a beat. Target your audience through your campaigns with a pinpointed approach to suit their preferences and interests.

Updating Form Fields

Customer fields can also be added for the existing subscribers to update their information by themselves as well. Start growing your customer base today by making your customers feel at home right from the moment they sign up. Time to turn visitors into subscribers!

Segment your Audience

Group and organize your subscribers based on similar interests and preferences and make your campaigns easier to target. Know exactly who you want to talk to! With Icegram Express, it is easy to stay organized despite working with heaps of customer data.

Set up your custom form fields and let Icegram do the rest

Don’t let endless database management overwhelm you! Allow Icegram Express customer form fields to gather and organize the required information for you!