How to complete the grandfathering process? OR How to get Icegram Engage?

What is grandfathering

Icegram features were previously sold as addons. But as the number of addons increased to 20+ it became difficult to manage them and thus, we thought of consolidating all these addons into 4 plans:

1. Icegram Engage Plus
2. Icegram Engage Pro
3. Icegram Engage Max

Thus, now on Icegram will be available as plans and not individual addons.

However, inorder to benefit the old users (who previously purchased Icegram addons) we decided to alot them plans depending on their individual addons purchases. This process of plan allocation to old customers is called grandfathering.

Who is eligible to be grandfathered to Icegram’s plans?

If you are an old Icegram customer and if you’ve purchased even one of Icegram’s addons you are entitled to be grandfathered in Icegram’s plans – which we call Icegram Engage Plus/Pro/Max.

Steps to complete Icegram’s Grandfathering process

Step 1: Update
We wanted to make the process very simple so we automated it. All you need to do is update any previously bought addon. Once you update the addon, you will be asked to activate Icegram Engage Plus/Pro/Max plan respectively. Activate it and the grandfathering is complete.

Note: Ideally, if you have updated any of Icegram’s addons recently (after 1st Jan, 2017). You will be asked to activate Icegram Engage Plus/Pro/Max.

Step 2: Final Check

Inorder to be completely sure, that the grandfathering process is complete. Go to the plugin dashboard – You will notice that all the individual Icegram addons that you previously installed are automatically deactivated. (Keep it that way)

Instead, there will be only two Icegram plugins active.
1. Icegram – Popups, Optins, CTAs & lot more…
2. Icegram Engage Plus/Pro/Max


If you see both these plugins active in your plugin dashboard, it means your Icegram grandfathering process is complete. You will be able to access all the features in your respective plan within Icegram then on.

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