How to Create Custom Themes in Icegram

You can create your own theme in Icegram with Icegram’s Custom Theme Addon.

Icegram Custom Theme Sample addon is  a free addon. It can be installed similar to any Icegram addon.

Just make sure that Icegram is installed before addon is getting installed.


1. Install ig-custom-theme-sample addon (similar to installing any WordPress plugin)

Just make sure that Icegram is installed before addon is getting installed.


2. Go to your WP plugin folder

3. Open the ig-custom-theme-sample addon.


4. Go to popup folder.


5. You will find canvas.css and canvas.png. These are the default sample themes. (Keep them for your reference). You can duplicate these files and name the duplicated copies mytheme.css and mytheme.png

6. Go to your file.

7. In the duplicated file i.e mytheme.css, paste the whole css from canvas.css into it. Also once the css in pasted into mythemes.css change the class name from  .ig_canvas to .ig_mytheme

8. Edit CSS in your .css file as per your need.

9. Create a new Campaign in Icegram

10. Message type: Popup

11. Search your theme: mytheme

12. Publish the campaign.

13. Preview it.

14. Done your own theme is ready


The above example demonstrates how to create a custom theme for a popup but you can use the same steps and create themes for any other message type of your choice.
For example: If you want to create a theme for a sidebar
1. Create a folder named Sidebar in the plugin folder.
2. Copy the canvas.css and canvas.png file and then rename the internal class ig_popup in the css file to ig_sidebar.
3. Follow the same steps to edit the css content as mentioned above

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