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Behind The Send Button: Dos And Don’ts Before Buying Wp Email Marketing Plugin

Set clear goals and budget before choosing a WordPress email marketing plugin. Define objectives such as increasing sales or brand reputation, and research the pricing of plugins that align with your goals.

WP Email Marketing Plugin

Last updated on January 16, 2024

So you have decided to invest in an email marketing plugin to expand your business? Good move, email is still one of the most efficient digital channels. But with so many options out there, how can you select one that best meets your needs? Looking for a budget-friendly email marketing plugin?

That doesn’t require computer science to operate. Don’t worry. We have you covered! We’ve compiled essential tips to guide you in finding a WP email marketing plugin. It’s designed to exceed your expectations without causing any headaches. So let’s start.

DOs for WP email marketing plugin

Set up your goals and budget

Are you seeking to increase sales, bring more people to your website, or create your brand’s reputation? Whatever your objectives are choose a plugin that is suited to meet your expectations. When you decide to purchase an email marketing tool the first thing to decide is the goals you’d like to achieve and the amount you can invest. The price of email marketing plugins ranges from zero to a few hundred dollars a month. So take some time to research and prepare a list.

Explore integration: SMTP, ESPs, Forms plugins, LMS

When choosing a WP email marketing plugin, integration capabilities are key. The more integrations offered, the less time you’ll spend on manual imports and exports. And the easier it will be to scale your email marketing efforts over time. With an email tool that plays nicely with others, you’ll have a simplified tech setup and seamless workflows to get your messages in front of the right people.

Check limitations on contact storage and email sending.

When evaluating email marketing plugins for WP, pay close attention to any limits they impose on the number of contacts you can store or the amount of emails you can send. Some plugins cap the number of contacts, charging higher fees for more storage space. Others may limit how many emails you can send in a day or month before incurring extra charges.

User-friendly dashboards to simplify email marketing tasks

You should be able to easily navigate the interface and find all the tools you need. Things like creating emails, viewing reports, and managing contacts should be simple to access. If the interface seems overly complicated, keep looking.

Blacklist feature to combat spammers

A good WP email marketing plugin needs a solid blacklist feature to prevent spam complaints and keep your lists clean. Look for a plugin that lets you easily add addresses to a blacklist right from your inbox. When an address is blacklisted, the plugin should automatically unsubscribe them from your lists and prevent them from signing up again in the future.

Strong subscriber segmentation

Segmenting your email list into targeted groups allows you to deliver the right message at the right time and place. Features that automatically sort subscribers into relevant segments based on how they interact with your emails – opens, clicks, purchases or unsubscribes, provide invaluable insights into subscriber’s behaviors and needs.

Readymade newsletter templates

Using pre-designed newsletter templates can save you a lot of time. With a few customizations and some testing, you can make sure each email campaign is a perfect representation of your brand. Your subscribers will appreciate an email that looks professional yet personalized. So buy a plugin that gives you the best newsletter template for WordPress.

Read reviews and ask for recommendations

Reading reviews from real users is one of the best ways to determine if an email plugin is right for you. See what existing customers love (and don’t love!) about the product. Look for plugins with largely positive reviews. You should also ask fellow marketers for recommendations. They may have firsthand experience with different email plugins and can provide honest feedback.

Autoresponder sequences to nurture leads.

Autoresponder sequences are automated email campaigns that send a series of messages to your email list on a preset schedule. When choosing an email marketing plugin, look for one that offers robust autoresponder functionality. You’ll want options to create multi-step drip campaigns, with the ability to customize email content, schedule, and triggers for each step.

For example, you may want new subscribers to receive a welcome message immediately, then follow up 3 days later with a product overview.

No coding skills are required

With the right drag and drop plugin, creating beautiful email newsletters is simple. Focus on your message and content, and let the visual editor do the rest. Your readers will appreciate newsletters that are visually appealing and easy to read. And you’ll love how much time you save not having to fuss with any code.

Automation workflows

Email automation WordPress is key to scaling your email marketing and reducing the time required to execute campaigns. Look for a plugin that allows you to set up automated campaigns to engage new subscribers right away. It should also support automated lead nurturing through drip campaigns. These slowly introduce your product or service to subscribers over time through a series of emails.

Well-documented with video tutorials

No one wants to feel lost trying to figure out a new tool. Choose a plugin with:

  • Documentation covering all features and use cases
  • Video tutorials walking you through how to use the plugin
  • Active user community forums to ask questions
  • Developer support in case you run into technical issues

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Avoid skipping the free version

When researching WP email marketing plugins, it can be tempting to jump straight to the paid versions, thinking they must be superior. However, the free versions still have a lot to offer. They allow you to trial the plugin and ensure it’s the right solution for your needs before committing financially.

Avoid compromising on speed and security

You need a plugin that can handle sending large email campaigns without slowing down your site. Test the plugin with a free trial to ensure it can send at least 2,000-5,000 emails per hour without latency. If it bogs down your site, keep looking.

Your subscribers’ personal information and your business reputation are at stake. Only choose a plugin with strong encryption and spam filtering to protect data and deliverability.

Don’t sacrifice simplicity for features

Look for a plugin with an intuitive interface that you can quickly figure out without a tutorial. The core features should be easy to find and use right away. If the plugin has a lot of advanced features, that’s fine—as long as the basic functionality is simple to understand. You want to be able to create, edit and send newsletters without hassle.

Don’t Ignore GDPR Compliance

Only consider WP email marketing plugins that specifically state they are GDPR compliant. This means they have features like data minimization, privacy by design, and user consent management built-in. Double-check on the plugin’s website or contact their support to verify their compliance status.

Don’t overlook customer support

How responsive is their support team? Look for companies that offer multiple ways to get help like live chat, phone, and email. See if they have a support portal with helpful resources. Check online reviews to see what actual customers say about their experience contacting support.

Don’t ignore updates and upgrades

Make sure any updates to the plugin, as well as upgrades to new versions, are included in your plan. Some companies charge extra for access to the latest features which can get pricey over time.

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That covers our top tips for choosing a WP email marketing plugin for your business. The bottom line is you want a solution that integrates well with your site, has the features you need, good deliverability, and a price that fits your budget. Don’t rush into a decision – take your time to evaluate options and read reviews from other users. An email plugin is a long term investment, so make sure you get the right one for your needs.

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