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If you want to grow your list, collect leads, drive visitors to action, send them newsletters and blog post notifications – go ahead and download all three plugins below.

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Engage Visitors and Grow Your Tribe

Quickly grow your list and boost conversions using lead magnets, optin popups, messenger prompts, notifications, full screen overlays, abandonment recovery messages and much more.

Side benefits: higher time on site, lower bounce rate, increase in revenue!

Icegram is the best onsite “call to action” and conversion optimization plugin for WordPress.

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Nurture Your Tribe and Expand Your Influence

Frustration-free email marketing. Send welcome emails, blog post notifications and newsletters from within WordPress. Stop spam, keep your list clean, look professional and let your message reach your audience.

Side benefits: save tons of money, establish brand authority, freedom & peace.

Email Subscribers is the #1 beginner-friendly, yet powerful, email marketing plugin for WordPress.

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Download Rainmaker…

Show Beautiful Forms and Capture Leads

Readymade form templates for newsletter subscription, lead gen, contact us page and more. Works with any theme, mobile responsive and saves submissions within WordPress. Integrates seamlessly with Icegram, Email Subscribers, MailChimp and many others too.

Side benefits: works as mini-CRM, all your leads in one place, transmit to services you use.

Rainmaker is the simplest and quickest leads + forms plugin for WordPress.

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