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Comprehensive Guide On How To Make An Effective Email Campaign?

Have you ever wondered what are the key elements of a successful email campaign? An effective email campaign is a blend of audience understanding, clear and concise content and strategic execution. What more? Check out this article for details

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Last updated on January 16, 2024

How many emails do you open in a day? The number may depend from one person to another, but one thing is common for most of us. We tend to click on those emails that look appealing and relevant to us. Even if you have subscribed to a website, you will only open a new blog notification email if it seems interesting or catchy.

Now imagine how many people subscribe to your website and how many of them visit your new blog every time. There is a huge gap between them. Why? Because not every email can capture attention and drive recipients to take action. However, what if we tell you that you can reduce the gap margin by crafting better emails?

Here are some effective tips that can help you to make effective email campaigns and increase the engagement rate.

Expert tips to make an effective email campaign

Clear objective

Before you begin drafting an effective email campaign, you need to have clear and defined goals. For example, you must ask yourself various questions about the email, such as whether it is to increase sales, drive traffic to a website, increase brand awareness, or increase customer retention.

With each different objective, you have to send various effective email campaigns and follow different strategies.

Targeted audience

Now you must also understand that you cannot send the same email to different audiences and expect the same results. You have to segment your audience into various categories and customize the emails as per the needs and preferences to increase the likelihood of engagement.

Here are a few factors that you can consider while segmenting your audience:

Note: If your customers cannot relate to the email, it is possible that they would unsubscribe or ignore your emails in the future.

Strong and optimized subject line

What is the one thing that you notice before opening any email? It’s the subject line, right? The subject line gives you a clear idea about the purpose of the email. Now think of sending an email with a confusing or boring subject line to your audience. Will they open it? No, right. And therefore you need to pay equal attention to the subject line as much as you pay to the content.

You can use the subject line to create a sense of urgency and highlight the immediate benefits. You can even test out various subject lines through AB testing to understand which subject line will resonate with your audience.


Visuals are the best way to grab the attention of the readers. You can use interactive images to keep your readers engaged. You can even use interactive elements like clickable buttons, carousels, or quizzes to boost engagement. It will help you improve the user experience and also collect useful data that can help you make decisions later.

But there is one thing that you need to ensure while using visuals in your email. You have to prioritize accessibility to all users consistently, regardless of what device they are using. You can do so by using mobile responsive email designs. You can even test your email on various devices before sending it to the actual audience.

Clear CTAs for effective email campaign

You have to test and optimize the CTA placement in your email if you are looking for 100% success. You also have to ensure that they are placed strategically and not disturbing the flow of content.

You also have to ensure seamless multi-channel integration to ensure a cohesive brand experience. Remember that many readers use mobile phones to read their email, so optimizing your email and making it mobile-friendly is a must.

By using compelling language, incorporating copyrighting and personalizing elements, you can improve the effectiveness of your CTA and improve your conversion rate.

Content that runs smoothly on every device

So you have drafted a perfect email. But it will be of no use if it’s not functional across all devices. What if your customer is using an Android? iOS or desktop.

About 3 in 5 consumers check their email on the go (mobile), and 75% say they use their smartphones most often to check email. – Fluent “The Inbox report, Consumer perceptions of email

With this report, one thing is clear: most people use the phone to check emails. But what if your email design is not responsive to mobile? More than 75% of users won’t read your mail and your efforts will go in vain.

So you need to choose an email template that automatically adjusts according to the device. Also, design your email with a single-column layout as it is easier to read on a small screen without rotating the device.

Finally, before sending out your email, test it on multiple devices to check its visibility and functionality.

Sending too many emails

After writing a perfect email, you need to pay attention to the way you are sending it.

If you are sending too many emails and that too at a short interval, you are going to see negative outcomes.

  • Excessive emails trigger a higher unsubscribe rate.
  • It can also lead to less engagement and low open rates.
  • Frequent emails can also trigger spam filters causing your emails to land in the spam folder.

A simple solution to this issue is segmenting your email list into various segments and sending relevant content to each group. Also, ensure that each email serves a purpose and not something unnecessary. Also, use email automation tools like Icegram to send emails based on subscribers’ behavior and triggers.

Make sure to land in the right inbox at the right time

Before you send your welcome email to your audience you need to know your audience. Start by dividing your audience into several groups, based on demographics, interests, behaviors, etc.

You cannot send the email to everyone. You have to consider various factors to draft a perfect welcome email.

For example, say your customer is from the USA, you need to know that to send an email. If there is a specific holiday or event in the USA, you can add that element to the email.

Analytics and measurement

Analytics and measurement play an important role in evaluating the effectiveness of email campaigns. It not only provides you with a clear picture of how value campaigns perform but also helps you to take key pointers.

These pointers will help you to design an effective email campaign next time. You have to pay special attention to important metrics like open rates, click-through rates, conversion rates, and bounce rates.


In conclusion, to make an effective email campaign, you need to have a holistic approach and pay equal attention to big and small things in your email. Start by having a clear object of your business and a list of the audience you want to target with this campaign.

After this, you need to write strong and optimized subject lines coupled with clear and concise content. You can optimize this by using interactive visuals and clear and strategic placement of CTA mobile responsive email designs. Also, refrain from too many emails and do a little research on your audience before sending the email.

Lastly, pay equal attention to the analytics of your email campaign to understand how it will resonate with your audience. Also, make note of things that went down here to improve it in the future.

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