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Delete outdated reports and dormant contacts in a few clicks

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Eliminate unwanted data from your email marketing campaigns right in the WordPress dashboard. Stay ahead in the game with efficient email management and streamlined, high-quality data at your disposal.

Remove defunct contacts and old campaign reports easily

Take control of your email campaign data using Icegram Express’s email housekeeping feature. Eliminate obsolete data with a few clicks, and benefit from a seamless email marketing experience. Get IG Express to maintain a clean mailing list!

Fresh & Quality Contacts

Experience high-quality email marketing results by getting rid of your old contacts. Drive more engagements and sales with more responsive contacts for your next email campaign.

Less Stress on Server

More load on server results in delayed results. Let Icegram Express clean emails for you! Reduce server stress and ensure a smooth, lightning-fast email marketing experience.

Better Sender Reputation

Improve your sender reputation by removing disengaged subscribers. Focus on engaged subscribers while avoiding those who haven’t interacted with your emails in a while.

No Bulky Database

No more bloated databases of outdated campaign reports and contacts! Use email list cleaning service to clean your contact lists and old campaign reports in seconds.

Lightweight Experience

121,000+ users benefit from data cleansing using email list housekeeping feature. Experience a smooth and agile email marketing experience with IG Express’ housekeeping feature.

Enhanced Email Delivery

Allow your emails to easily reach their desired destination (recipient’s inbox). Use the IG’s email list cleaner service to its fullest potential to maximize email delivery.

Remove outdated reports & dormant contacts in a snap!

Maintain a clean, targeted contact list for a faster, smoother email marketing experience. Use Icegram Express for superior email list housekeeping and data cleansing.