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How to Use Email for Personal Growth? 5 Tips Revealed

Find amazing tips, mentors and resources in this blog. Use email for personal growth and hack your life instantaneously!

Email for Personal Growth

Last updated on April 19, 2024

A mere 10% of accomplished individuals harness the power of emails for their personal growth journey. The majority miss out simply because they lack the know-how to optimize email for self-improvement and advancement. Many bloggers, business owners and WordPress site owners who use Icegram email marketing plugins also use emails for personal development.

This article educates you on how to master email for personal growth while also revealing Icegram Express’s full business-boosting potential.

5 ways you can use email for personal growth

Did you know that personal growth is on the rise in the US, growing over 15% every year? There is a thriving business related with personal development and it is rapidly expanding.

It’s not just about feeling good—it’s about boosting your self-esteem, opening up new career opportunities and even enhancing your earning potential.

Some folks turn to motivational coaches, while others dive into self-help books. Then there are those who thrive on adventure and networking.

Surprisingly, there’s a group that swears by emails for their personal growth and self-development.

Here are five strategies for how to use email for personal growth.

1. How can email serve as a digital journal?

Emails can be the ideal private online spot for you. You may express your ideas, emotions and experiences by using emails.

You can use email to reflect on your day, express thanks, or record information about your inner feelings just like you would in a regular journal.

For instance, consider sending yourself an email at the end of each day that highlights your day’s successes, challenges and learnings. This practice aids in self-understanding, growth tracking and identifying any areas for development.

And when it comes to setting goals, email is your true ally. You can use it to update yourself on your progress, celebrate milestones or acknowledge setbacks.

For example, if you’re working on a fitness goal, shoot yourself a weekly email detailing your workouts, meals and even progress images.

Looking back at the emails you’ve sent to yourself over time can provide a sense of progress and growth. It’s like seeing how far you’ve come and the challenges you’ve overcome. This reflective view can ignite a sense of motivation and inspire you to keep pushing forward.

Here’s the cool thing – many bloggers, cofounders and online entrepreneurs use Icegram Express to showcase and publish their personal growth journey as newsletters. Why should you miss the opportunity?

Try Icegram Express to share your personal developing journey!

2. Using email to connect with mentors and like-minded individuals

Emailing is not just a tool for sending messages. Email is considered a wonderful technology for building meaningful relationships with mentors and other like-minded people.

Emails are the least expensive way to accomplish any goal, whether it’s to increase your network, gain knowledge from more seasoned people, or simply form novel relationships.

Most people trust emails because they provide a personalized networking approach. However, there are several additional motivations behind why individuals choose to utilize emails for reaching out to mentors and like-minded individuals.

Read this below to know why use emails for personal development –

  • Email offers immediate and efficient outreach for connecting with potential mentors or contacts.
  • With emails, you can connect with people globally, breaking down geographical barriers.
  • Email communication exudes professionalism, especially in business or academic contexts, allowing for clear and concise introductions.
  • It provides a written record of communication for future reference or follow-up, ensuring nothing gets lost.
  • Email networking is cost-effective, requiring only an internet connection without additional expenses.
  • It’s an efficient means of communication, allowing for quick and effective message exchanges without the need for phone calls or in-person meetings.

Over the course of two decades, Karen Hertzberg has honed her skills in crafting and sending email networking outreach. Her journey, encompassing various roles as a business owner, freelance writer and media relations expert, reflects a remarkable evolution in the art of personal networking via email.

Karen notes that while email networking does need devotion, the benefits that can be obtained from it are simply incredible.

Here are a few more legends (who uses email for personal growth) that you can contact for further guidance.

  • Jeff Hoffman
  • Jeff mentors folk on career guidance, personal growth and entrepreneurship.

  • Rhett Burch
  • Rhett helps struggling women with substance abuse and also does mental counseling.

  • Tony Robbins
  • Tony is one of the ultimate life coaches and motivational speakers for personal development.

  • Ryan Holiday
  • Ryan is a stoic philosophy expert, writer and personal growth coach.

  • Brian Johnson
  • Brian is an ancient wisdom and modern science practitioner for personal development.

3. Subscribing to self-help newsletters to propel personal growth

Ever wondered why so many people opt for newsletter subscriptions?

It’s because they believe they’ll receive valuable insights that can significantly impact their personal and professional lives.
The internet is teeming with fantastic newsletters that have the potential to drive personal development.

Newsletters are more than just cool; they’re a treasure trove of advice and tips delivered right to your inbox on a regular basis.

Plus, they offer tailored content spanning a wide range of personal growth topics like motivation, well-being, career development and productivity.

Want to get the best of email for personal growth? Here are some amazing email-driven newsletters for personal growth –

  • The School of Life: This newsletter provides a variety of informational and counseling services about emotional intelligence, self-awareness and self-development.
  • One Daily Nugget: This free newsletter can be your daily dose of carefully selected articles on self-improvement that are sure to elevate your game in all purposes of life.
  • The Joys of Being a Stoic: This newsletter is imperative for practical tips on integrating Stoic principles into your everyday routine. It explores stuff like self-growth, aspiration and self-discipline.
  • Tiny Buddha: Explore this fantastic and widely acclaimed blog that provides an array of newsletters focusing on personal development and self-enhancement. Don’t overlook their invaluable free newsletter gem, “The ABCs of Personal Growth.”
  • Sarah K Peck: Get into the illuminating newsletter to uncover profound perspectives on personal growth, psychology and leadership.

How can we discuss newsletters without mentioning Icegram Express, the trendy WP email marketing plugin?

Create a WordPress website for your personal growth journey and then utilize Express to share your thoughts and journey with the world. Over 10,000 personal improvement bloggers, thought leaders and business owners use Express. Icegram Express is also dubbed as the best and most affordable email marketing plugin for WordPress. Try Express today!

4. How to efficiently use email for task management?

Here’s a cool trick to amplify your personal growth using email: turn it into your own task manager.

It’s like having a to-do list right in your inbox! You can create folders or labels to sort tasks by priority or category.

For instance, you can use labels like “Urgent”, “Important”, “Follow-up”, “Waiting for” and “Completed”. Plus, you can even add some color to make things pop!

And guess what? Gmail has awesome features to help you manage tasks and reminders.

You’ve got the “Tasks” feature right in your Gmail inbox. But that’s not all! There are third-party tools like Todoist, Trello and Asana that can seamlessly blend your email with your task management system.

Below is a screenshot of how Gmail Task Manager looks like.

gmail task manager_email for personal growth and development

Check out these fantastic email tools curated to turbocharge your personal development journey.

  • SaneBox: SaneBox is an email productivity powerhouse. With features like smart filtering, inbox management, timely reminders, and the ability to snooze emails, it just simplifies email management.
  • Streak: Do you want to make the most of your networking or create deeper relationships? Email monitoring, mail merging, and other features are possible with Streak, an amazing CRM solution.
  • Collect: With Collect, crafting contact forms and subscription widgets is super easy. Place them anywhere on your website to effortlessly gather new business leads.
  • Google Calendar: Google Calendar is also a necessary email personal growth tool for creating reminders, planning events, and tracking your progress toward goals.

Icegram Express is an impressive WordPress email marketing plugin that’s perfect for enriching your personal growth newsletters. Give Express a try!

In addition, you can also use email for the following –

  • Read it later
  • Save for later
  • Note taking

You can create folders or labels that correspond to different topics or themes and use them to store interesting articles, blog posts, podcasts, videos and other content that you want to read, watch or listen to later.

You can also use your inbox as a place to store your notes, ideas and insights that you want to capture and revisit later.

You can also use third-party tools such as Pocket, Evernote and OneNote to integrate your email with your content and note management system.

5. How to accomplish Inbox Zero? Email for personal growth mastery

Ever heard the legend of Inbox Zero? Folks say, if you master it, you become a taskforce multiplier!

Achieving Inbox Zero means keeping your inbox mostly empty by staying on top of your emails. It’s a game-changer for personal growth.

Reaching Inbox Zero can also help you reduce stress, increase focus and improve your productivity.

Here’s a 4-Ds approach to achieve Inbox Zero. Boost performance with email for personal growth:

  • Delete: Get rid of emails that are irrelevant or spam. This will help you declutter your inbox and make it easier to focus on important emails.
  • Delegate: If an email requires someone else’s action or expertise, you should immediately delegate it to them. This will help you avoid getting bogged down in tasks that are not your responsibility.
  • Do: If an email can be completed in two minutes or less, you do it right away. This will help you avoid procrastination and increase your productivity.
  • Defer: If an email requires more time or attention, you should defer it to a later time or date. This will help you prioritize your tasks and avoid feeling overwhelmed.

Expert tip 1: The “Snooze” feature in Gmail lets you temporarily delete emails from your inbox and then re-add them at a later time.

Additionally, you can use filters and rules to automatically sort and prioritize your emails according to the sender, subject, keywords and other factors.

Expert tip 2: In Gmail, you have a cool way to swiftly clear out promotional emails. For some, this email activity also helps in boosting personal growth.

Here’s the play: select all your emails, apply a filter for those with the term “Unsubscribe” and neatly organize them under a dedicated label. From there, you can easily wipe them out at one go or simply delete the whole label. A quick and efficient way to keep your inbox clutter-free and make the best use of email for personal growth!

Wrapping Up

You can become an email expert and use it to help with your personal growth journey.

If you use these above five tips wisely, they can have a positive and lasting impact on your life.

The best part – using email for personal growth/development is a recent trend. Emails offer a great opportunity to make a positive impression on your employers or clients, especially if you’re in business.

Finally, turn to Icegram Express WordPress email marketing plugin to boost your email marketing efforts whether they are for professional development, newsletter publication, or hacking life.

Check out some more helpful resources below to help you get better outcomes in both email marketing and personal growth. They include some additional tips on how to use email for personal growth and success.

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