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Improve deliverability with Icegram Express email list cleaner

Maintain your email hygiene in a hassle-free way!

Eliminate duplicates regularly, verify your email list, and fine-tune your segmentation for maximum deliverability. It may not be desirable, but it is the necessary practice to ensure that your words seamlessly resonate with the target audience.

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Experience peak outreach performance with efficient email list cleaning

Don’t let invalid email addresses harm your campaigns. Avoid unnecessary bounces, decreased engagement,
and financial losses with Icegram Express Email List Cleaner.

Individual & Bulk Email Check

Check emails one by one or in batches easily, making sure they’re right. It’s an easy way to keep your email list accurate. Just a few clicks, and you’re good to go! Ensure high email deliverability rates by verifying the validity of email addresses effortlessly.

Personalized Welcome Emails

Efficient Email List Cleaning

Automated clean-ups of emails can help you remove inactive subscribers and manage a responsive subscriber base effortlessly. No technological skills are necessary. Improve the accuracy of your campaigns by ensuring only engaged recipients receive your emails.

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Limitless Cleanups

Do as many list cleanups as you need. Enjoy total freedom in maintaining a healthy list size. Manage massive subscriber bases effortlessly and maintain excellent communication. Get benefited from enhanced email deliverability and reduced bounce rates.

Onboarding made easy

Improved Engagement

Use engagement scores to assess the effectiveness of your list-cleaning activities. Understand the performance of your lists and identify areas for further improvement. Increase your open and click-through rates by focusing on active subscribers.

Build trust and foster relationships

Unparalleled Communication

Don’t miss out on possible engagements! Give your emails the indisputable ability to dominate. Optimize your list-cleaning strategy to ensure optimal growth and communication efficacy. Build stronger relationships with your audience by ensuring timely and relevant content delivery.

High conversions

Real Impact, Real Stories

Feel the Impact of Genuine Connections – authentic bonds begin here!

Email list cleaning using Icegram Express has completely improved our email marketing strategy. We’ve noticed a big improvement in open rates and engagement since deleting inactive subscribers.

Ruth Elliot, Sr. Marketing Analyst

Ruth Elliot

Sr. Marketing Analyst

Icegram Express’s automated list cleansing has saved us a lot of time. We used to spend hours manually going through our contacts, but now everything is done for us, ensuring our emails always reach active and interested receivers.

Giuliana Clark, Communication Specialist

Giuliana Clark

Communication Specialist

Email marketing is 7x successful with IG Express!

Take your online business to the next level with the best email plugin

Real-time Email List Cleaner

Icegram Express plugin keeps your email list clean all the time. Your list stays in good shape, ready for action whenever you need it. No need to worry about messy lists anymore! Give less stress to the server.

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Post Notifications

Set up automated notifications to inform your subscribers about the latest blog posts. Use Icegram Express to keep your audience always engaged with fresh and relevant content for maximum interaction.

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Post Digest

Create and send summary emails of your latest blog posts with the Post Digest. Keep your audience informed with brief overviews, urging them to visit your website for more in-depth content.

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Engagement Score

Track and measure the engagement of your subscribers with the Engagement Score feature. Discover how your target audience reacts to your emails. Make data-driven campaign improvements accordingly.

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Improved Data Regulations

Use our plugin to ensure data compliance, including GDPR and CAN-SPAM rules, for the greatest possible data protection and privacy. Enjoy seamless email marketing with data privacy regulations and best practices.

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Import and Export Contacts

Effortlessly import and export email contacts using Icegram Express email marketing plugin. Easily manage your contacts with our plugin’s compatibility for CSV files and seamless data transfer.

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Ace your communication with IG Express Email List Cleaning

Master list cleaning to maintain a healthy audience! Experience high-converting email campaigns with email list cleaner. Get pro and clean emailing power in your WordPress dashboard.

Icegram Express does exactly what I needed!
Their support team was responsive and courteous in providing a solution when I had trouble with workflow. Functionality and support is as promised. I highly recommend this plugin!”

– Hogsten, Business Owner

Frequently Asked Common Questions

We’ve answered most common questions here. Feel free to contact us if your question is not answered.

What is email cleansing?

Email cleansing is the process of identifying and removing invalid, outdated, or inactive email addresses from your mailing list. This helps to keep a healthy and active subscriber base, lowers bounce rates, and enhances the overall deliverability and engagement of your email campaigns.

How to maintain a mailing list?

To maintain a mailing list, use Icegram Express to delete inactive and invalid email addresses. Our plugin allows you to clean your email list once a month.

How to clean up an email database?

Icegram Express cleans your email list and assigns an email status to each address. If an email address is undeliverable or disposable, it is categorized as spam. The Icegram Express plugin ensures that emails are not sent to spam-marked addresses. This email list cleaner is a monthly process for your current list. However, existing subscribers will also go through the same process, and their status will be updated accordingly.