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How to Balance Email Marketing and Social Media Marketing – Answers for Busy Bloggers…

The secret to a successful content marketing strategy lies in balancing between email marketing and social media marketing. Here are a few tips to create harmony between both.

Last updated on May 25, 2021

Email marketing and social media marketing are the two branches of the same tree. Both are important marketing channels and equally essential to build relationships with our subscribers. The combined power of email marketing and social media can give you a massive advantage over any other channel.

Standing in 2021, when content marketing is the most effective form of marketing, we marketers should not underestimate the power of either social media or email marketing.

I’ll be sharing some of the tricks that helped me level up my marketing game by combining email marketing and social media marketing.

Let’s get started.

Save time, effort and money through content repurposing

Bloggers, entrepreneurs and marketers are busy people. How are we supposed to create different content for different channels? I tried it once and the result was half-baked content that didn’t bring me any engagement.

I wanted a trick that saves my time, effort and brings enough engagement. This is when the idea of content repurposing struck me. I found out that repurposing content between email and social media channels is a pretty easy task.

Later, I discovered that repurposing content is a major part of influencers’ social media strategy. In fact, it is a rather cost-effective strategy that startups, mid-size businesses, and individual bloggers can easily adopt.

Here are some tricks to repurpose content on email marketing and social media marketing channels.

  • I would use my email copywriting skills to create engaging email copies first. Afterward, I can cut the email into multiple tweets and social media posts. I can also use it as a nudge for people to sign up for my newsletter.
  • Another smart way is to share user-generated content. I asked some questions on social platforms and generated email and social media content from that. I also asked our followers to tag us in their success stories. Then I selected some of the best-written stories and sent them in newsletter format to our email subscribers. User-generated content is super relatable.
  • One more idea that works well was to test content ideas first on social media. If they get comments and likes, turn that into a blog post or email campaign.

Using similar content across multiple channels not a problem – as long as you know how to present it well.

Run giveaways/contests to nudge the FOMO

I guess it is safe to say that contests, giveaways, and polls are tried-and-tested tricks to boost social media engagement. But that’s not it. Smart marketers can find a way to grow their email list with this exact simple trick as well. Here are the deets of what I have done:

  • Give an exciting giveaway post that clearly states what the subscribers need to do and what prizes are waiting for them upon winning
  • Add a powerful CTA that directs your followers to join your email list

Here’s an example of what one could do:

This social media marketing strategy can quickly grow your email list within 24 hours!

Mix and match between email and social media

The giveaway example you saw earlier is an example of combining email marketing and social media marketing. Two more tricks like that:

Hipmunk sends one email only with the invitation to follow them on social media
Hipmunk sends one email only with the invitation to follow them on social media
  • You’re probably already using social media icons to your email footer. This is your nudge to follow you. But you can go one step further and do what Hipmunk did. An email in your autoresponder sequence that invites people to follow you on social media.
  • Secondly, keep encouraging your social media followers to join your email list. Do not forget to provide a strong reason to opt-in. This way you start owning your audience, rather than rely on another platform.

If your audience is happy with your emails, they will follow you on social media. If they like your insights and interactions on social media, they will join your mailing list for in-depth content.


You have many channels to promote your ideas and offerings. However, we often miss out on one of the most critical factors – integrating multiple channels.

To build an impact through email marketing and social media marketing, the best thing we can do is create a balance between these two. Remember that 1+1 is always greater than one when it comes to marketing.

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