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How to Reduce Your Email Marketing Costs?

Marketers are always looking for effective email marketing tools offering notable results at reasonable costs. If you're one of them, here're some tips to help you optimize your email marketing costs.

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Last updated on December 20, 2022

For email marketing, websites often go all out in designing very heavy emails or use some expensive tools to run successful campaigns.

However, most of the time, this proves to be really costly as they tend to make some mistakes (common mistakes as well) by not being careful and other times campaigns and strategies tend to fail. All this takes the monthly email marketing costs of businesses to heights.

So how to reduce that hefty email marketing costs and what mistakes to avoid is what this article highlights.

How to reduce email marketing costs?

Email marketing has become a mandatory marketing tool for bloggers, website owners and developers lately to retain their audience and turn them into customers. The cause and effect being, nearly 306.4 billion emails are sent every day in 2020 (Statista 2020) – read this article for more.

Here are some common mistakes that businesses make which leads to the increased cost of their monthly email marketing. You must ensure that you don’t make the following mistakes if you want to reduce your email marketing costs.

Sending do-not-reply mails

With email marketing, your email is supposed to make connections with your subscribers. It makes them realize that they matter to you and you want to communicate with them.

If you send your emails through no-reply or do-not-reply mails, it is so likely that people will not open your emails as they seem so unwelcome and unpleasant to the audience.

Nobody likes to only hear about someone else or some other brand without any sense of connection with them.

Boring subject lines

After the sender’s name, the subject line is the basis on which your subscribers will open your email.

If you don’t have the ability to write catchy and interesting subject lines, there are major chances that people will not open the mail, thus decreasing both open and click-through rate. This may be the major mistake you might be making while sending the emails.

The best tactic to increase open and click rate is to send personalized subject lines. According to professional insights, personalized subject lines increase email open rate by 26%.

Vague Call to Action (CTA)

While you are sending an email, you need to make sure about the right placement of the call-to-action button.

You can not expect your audience to be clear about why the mail is sent when you yourself are not. You need to specify what you want your customer to do after reading the mail. Do you want them to purchase, or visit your new blog post, or check out your free tool!

The answer to all these questions ends up with a clear call-to-action button which can easily be placed in your email wherever required.

No professional outlook

Your subscribers in your mailing list can expect anything but they are not at all expecting unprofessional emails with spelling mistakes, tons of images and unwanted attachments.

While sending an email, you need to make sure that your email doesn’t look amateurish that makes your subscriber’s experience bad. You must ensure that your email has respectful yet professional language.

The email needs to look professional to ensure the retention of subscribers in your list otherwise the unsubscribe link seems not so far for your subscriber.

Talking about only yourself

The subscribers never subscribe to hear about the business only, but about what the business has to provide them. They subscribe for their own advantages.

In your emails, if you keep talking about your own, your business, your products, your benefits, your well-being, it won’t serve anything.

So, in emails make sure you talk about what your audience needs to get from you and not what you need to sell to your audience. Write what your subscribers need to read and not what you want to send in their inbox. Only this perspective change can save you a lot of money.

Waiting for a long list of subscribers

Are you waiting for a long list of subscribers to start emailing your existing subscribers?

This is the worst treatment your subscribers may have and it would hit you really bad in the long run. In the wait for a long subscriber list, you’ll lose the existing subscribers too soon and your list will eventually never be long.

Even if you have just 10 subscribers, start with providing them value. You can save your time with Icegram Express that supports automated sending of new blog post notifications to unlimited contacts, creating autoresponder sequences and so on.

Relying too much on images

Some email marketers and website owners rely too much on images. They build one or two images having every piece of information they want to convey.

But, what about slow connections or when the image didn’t load or something happened, will your subscribers stay for the longest time? Would it serve your purpose? Would it make your subscriber become a customer or a visitor to your website?

No. They are gone. And once they leave, they never remember to come back unless they want to read your mail like a fan.

So, make sure you have text included in your email with the necessary information and a call-to-action button aligned with your email content.

Not sending welcome emails

A new subscriber is a potential customer of your website. If you are not welcoming your subscriber, you are losing the biggest advantage to communicate with your audience.

The time they subscribe to your website, it means that you are fresh in their mind and if you don’t send the email welcoming your subscriber and telling them what they need to do next, you are making a huge mistake.

Welcome emails generate 4 times more opens and 5 times more clicks than any other email marketing campaign.

Another cost-effective strategy is to focus on budgets email marketing campaigns, such as newsletters and promotional emails, rather than costly one-time events or automated drip campaigns.

To make this easier for you and save you time, you can use automated welcome emails for your subscribers which will surely help you in reducing your monthly costs and generating more clicks.

Not thinking of mobile users

Additionally, you can reduce costs by optimizing your email content for mobile devices and leveraging the power of segmentation to send targeted emails to specific groups of subscribers.

More than 1/3rd of people check their emails through mobile and email marketers ignore such a huge mass. They do not build their emails mobile-friendly and thus make a huge and expensive mistake.

You need to write emails that can easily be read on a mobile phone and put in images that can fit in a single window. Ideally, to fit on a mobile phone, an image should not be wider than 600 pixels. For a better and error-free experience, you can check your email on phone prior.

Failing to track “What works”

Websites or businesses see that the campaign is working or it’s not. But, they fail to track in-depth analysis as to what actually works for them.

For a successful email marketing, you must analyze what kind of emails have worked for you and what mistakes made the campaign go into rots.

Before running a campaign, all these statistics must be tracked by the plugin to make the campaigns work and reduce your marketing costs.


Email marketing is being used by 80% of the businesses as a promotional tool for acquisition as well as customer retention. Statistics for 2020 also show that every $1 spent on email marketing has the potential to yield $44.

This powerful marketing strategy can not be wasted by making these common mistakes and increasing your monthly marketing costs. Thus, Icegram Express, a free tool by Icegram, is one of the most-effective WordPress plugins to reduce your email marketing costs.

It automates your email marketing while managing your list and makes you look like a professional to your audience. In a nutshell, it covers all your needs with email marketing.

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