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How to Use Email Marketing to Promote Public Speaking Events?

70% of Icegram Express users do email marketing to promote public speaking events. Learn how to ace the email sequence game for promoting your speech or event. Get Express now and start your email campaign instantly!

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Last updated on January 15, 2024

If you’re gearing up for an email marketing blitzkrieg to promote public speaking events, you’re in the right place. This article is tailored just for you.

We get it – managing a massive email list can be quite the challenge. On top of that, you also have to worry about the email content and marketing tactics.

That’s where WordPress-friendly tools like Icegram Express step in. Especially handy for folks with 50,000 or fewer email IDs on their list.

Grab Express now and start reading the article to boost your upcoming public speaking promotion.

In this feature, learn about

  • How to use email marketing to advertise and make your public speaking event packed and memorable?
  • Working your way with Icegram Express, the leading email marketing plugin for WordPress users, WooCommerce sellers, online retailers, public speakers and more
  • 5-stage email sequence example

Let’s talk about email marketing for promoting any public speaking event.

Quick guide for email marketing to promote public speaking events

First up, create a special landing page exclusively for your event. This is where folks can sign up or buy tickets. Keep it hassle-free by having a straightforward registration form for them to fill out.

Now, for the magic touch, link up that registration form with your email marketing tool. This way, everyone who signs up will be automatically added to your event list. Easy-peasy, right?

First things first, let’s assume you’ve got your mailing list all set up and people have opted in to hear from you. Now, it’s showtime!

So we’ve got a bunch of email marketing tools out there. You’ve got the big names like Mailchimp, HubSpot, OmniSend and others. They’re loaded with features, no doubt.

But, here’s the catch – as your audience grows, so does the bill.

Now, if you’re a WordPress website, Icegram Express is the go-to email marketing plugin. Simple, easy on the pocket and no need for those hefty monthly subscriptions.

How to promote upcoming public speaking events with Icegram Express?

When you’re in the WordPress dashboard, click on Icegram Express on the left panel to get things started.

Follow the steps below to promote your public speaking event in a flash.

  • Adding your email IDs to lists: This is where it all begins. You simply input your email IDs into Icegram Express’s Lists. It’s quick and easy. It’s like building a comprehensive database of your audience.
  • Email list management for further segmentation: If you want to refine your audience further, you have the option to manage your lists. This means you can segment your audience based on various factors like demographics, preferences or engagement levels. This targeted approach ensures your messages hit the right mark.
  • Activating your promotion: Once your lists are ready, head over to Icegram Express campaigns and activate your promotion. Before activation, make sure you select the proper email list as recipients.

Things you can do with Icegram Express’s campaigns | Email marketing to promote my upcoming public speaking event gets interesting

Post notifications

These are incredibly useful for sending out timely updates or reminders.

For instance, if you have a new event announcement or a last-minute change in schedule, a post notification ensures your audience is in the loop instantly.


Broadcasting is your go-to tool for sending out mass communications.

It’s perfect for announcements, newsletters or any message that you want to reach a wide audience.

Whether it’s sharing exciting event details or showcasing speaker highlights, broadcasts are an effortless and powerful way to engage.

Icegram Express has beautiful newsletter templates built into it. You can pick any template and send your content to the audience.

Email sequences

This feature takes your communication to the next level.

Email sequences allow you to set up a series of messages that are sent out at specific intervals.

This is particularly useful for nurturing leads or guiding potential attendees through the registration process. You can share sneak peeks, testimonials or exclusive content to build anticipation.

Icegram Express is indispensable in pushing email sequences. The best part of Icegram Express – you can track the email open rate and click on any links or buttons.

Email sequence to promote an event | Ace your email marketing to promote public speaking event

When it comes to promoting a public speaking event, the right sequence of emails can make all the difference.

Each message serves a specific purpose in building anticipation, providing information and driving action.

Let’s break down these key elements of email stages –

So, you’re a motivational speaker and you’ve a public speaking event coming up. What do you do? What could be your first move?

Well, it has to start with an incredible keynote to inspire your audience.

And what better way to set the tone than with a welcoming email?

Let’s break down an email sequence that walks you through each stage, outlining exactly which emails to use for maximum audience engagement.

Stage 1: Welcome email and setting the stage

Your subscribers have just joined your email list, eager to explore your wisdom in public speaking.

You can picture sending them a warm welcome email, expressing your gratitude for their trust and enthusiasm.

Basically, you have to set the stage for what’s to come.

Can you give them a glimpse of the transformative experience they’re about to get during your event?

Can you offer a sneak peek into your keynote or deliver that captivating lead magnet if they haven’t received it yet?

These are all possibilities that your first welcome email should address. This not only introduces them to your style but also heightens their excitement for the event.

Play with your subject lines, email body content and CTAs. Figure out what works best for other public speakers.

Here’s a good read – Best tips for writing high-converting welcome sequences

Explore 100+ templates on Icegram Express to ace the promotion game!

Email marketing to promote public speaking events why welcome emails are important

Stage 2: Pre-event anticipation and excitement

Now, visualize the days leading up to your event. You’ve got your audience buzzing with anticipation.

It’s time to escalate the excitement and create an urgency!

Can we craft a series of emails loaded with just value?

Yes, you have to share engaging content related to your event’s theme. It may be an Icegram Express-powered newsletter featuring your latest blog post or your speaking style or a podcast discussing the event’s topics.

What about reviews and feedback? Can we include them as well?

Well, you might have done similar events in the past.

So, you can highlight testimonials from previous attendees, showcasing how your previous events transformed their lives.

You can also offer exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpses or speaker interviews.

Send out some sales gimmicks like –

Create a sense of urgency with early bird discounts or limited-time bonuses for early registrations. It will compel your audience to grab those tickets before they vanish.

Stage 3: Last-minute reminders and urgency

As the event date draws near, visualize sending out those last-minute reminders – gentle nudges ensuring nobody misses your grand public speaking speech.

Remind them of the vital details – the date, time and venue.

You have to emphasize the incredible value and insights they’ll gain by attending.

To sweeten the deal, you should consider offering time-sensitive bonuses or perks for immediate registration.

Perks like a book, an e-book, a discount coupon or an event badge can play nicely with the email content.

It can motivate your audience to commit to your event right away.

Don’t forget to play around with the right CTAs. For example, you can inform the audience that registration is closing soon or that limited seats are available.

email marketing to promote public speaking events_e-book-launch-sample

Stage 4: Post-event follow-up and feedback

The event’s over but the sweetest part is that your relationship with your audience continues. Your email marketing to promote public speaking events has to be more polished in this stage.

In this stage, you have to express your heartfelt gratitude to attendees via a thank-you email.

The main purpose of the thank you email is to request their feedback on the event – their thoughts, suggestions and experiences.

This feedback is gold! It can provide you with valuable intelligence about the attendees.

Want to convert those attendees into regular customers?

You have to add an extra value in the thank you email. Remember, there are still possibilities for engagement, which translates to better conversions.

So, you can consider sharing post-event content like recordings of your speech or session summaries in the thank you email content.

Also read: How to write better follow-up emails for effective engagement?

Stage 5: Nurturing ongoing relationships

Your event was a resounding success and your audience can’t wait for more. You just can’t let them go in this stage.

Can we keep the momentum going?

You have to forge a deep connection. Having a loyal audience throughout is like a dream.

So, it’s time to add more value to this email.

Could it be an insightful virtual tour of your event? Could it be exclusive videos of your events?

For instance, share ‘behind-the-scenes’ anecdotes from the event. Add the sneak peeks into your upcoming speaking engagements.

Here are a couple of more suggestions.

  1. You can also introduce Q&A sessions, where subscribers can send in questions or topics they wish to explore further.
  2. You can also consider hosting virtual meetups or webinars exclusive to your email subscribers. This will influence others to become your regular subscribers.

Finally, when the show’s over, you can do an analysis based on the campaign performance. Icegram Express provides engagement tracking and detailed campaign reports.

Note: The sequence outlined above includes five emails, but feel free to adjust the number based on your timeline.

If you’re in a rush with only 2-3 days left before the event, a condensed sequence of 3-4 emails can work wonders.

Closing up

When you’re gearing up for a public speaking event, you want a full house, right? Well, the thing is that many newbie speakers overlook the power of email marketing, which can bring you direct and immediate results.

7 out of 10 Icegram Express users are using email marketing to promote public speaking events. Express is a low-cost and robust WordPress email marketing plugin that can be used even by amateurs.

Icegram Express makes public speaking or any event promotion incredibly simple.

You can add or import contacts to your email lists or use a .CSV file as a list.

Manage the list and launch your email campaigns right away to engage the audience.

A strong email sequence campaign can aptly drive people to your website or to the event where you’re speaking.

Use Express’s design-centric, reader-friendly newsletters to grab the attention of your readers during the sequence.

Are you new to email marketing? Get Icegram Express for your WordPress website and read our documentation to get started.

Find out here what other users are saying about Icegram Express.

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