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Easy Email Deliverability

Increase your email deliverability by ensuring your messages reach the recipient’s inbox every time. Unlock the secrets to email service provider rules and maximize success.

High Sender Reputation

Maintain a positive sender reputation by respecting email recipient standards and legal compliance. Boost conversions with emails that are trusted and well-received.

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Minimize bounce rates and maximize email engagement with IG Express. Go beyond your email marketing campaign goals with confidence and repeated success.

Avoid Reaching Spam

Say goodbye to the spam folder with IG Express’s built-in spam check feature. Detect and eliminate poor or misleading subject lines that could trigger spam filters.

Build Trust & Engagement

Build trust and engagement with your audience by delivering relevant, valuable, and legally compliant email campaigns. Get more open and click-through rates with email etiquettes.

Better Email Scheduling

Streamline your email campaigns with better email scheduling. Get built-in cron job handling in both free and paid versions of IG Express for timely and accurate email delivery.

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Supercharge your email-sending capabilities and watch your open rates soar. Give your emails the best treatment with GDPR and CAN-SPAM Act-compliant IG Express.