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Icegram Express Community Superheros

Cheers to all the community super heroes who made Email Subscribers' journey memorable.

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Last updated on October 12, 2023

Ever since we launched Icegram Express 4.0, people reaching out to us skyrocketed.

We received a lot of support requests and criticism. We got a lot of one-star reviews as well. But we also witnessed participation and support from the community like never before.

It showed how much you use, love and care for our Icegram Express plugin.

After the 4.0 launch, we did our best to answer all questions and support requests. We are a small team and we were falling behind on our responsiveness.

But it was great to see some people contributing and giving solutions to others in the WordPress forums in the midst of all this chaos.

Really appreciate them. These are real life superheroes of Icegram Express community.

In this post, I want to personally thank everyone who supported us, showed their community spirit, and in turn motivated us to keep working hard. Your encouragement and patience mean a lot to us.

I want to mention everyone who contributed to support forums – adding translations, giving feedback, helping other community members.

People who contributed to translations…

007me, 2mkower, abimilec, alainotjens, alexandrabatrak, andrius530, arhipaiva, arikontiainen, batyuvitez, bayaro, besimk, besnik, bmukaetov, bohemme, brainbug01, camilomejia, carlmorris, cedric3131, chekka, christophherr, chve14, claudiosanches, claudiut, clos2u, cmacias, conzz, crispress, daepa, damst, dancaragea, koskinen, danieltj, dateryu, dianakc, djzone, docolli, dyrer, edgarsfjodorovs, eelcomp, egill, elbogen, erichtswp, erwindouwes, fernandot, fierevere, fxbenard, garyj, guido07111975, ham3da, hekos, henrygr, hirnmarkus, hunterd, icegram, iceteax, ideburenskola, igorsaevets, imapo, intoxstudio, invisioncl, isabelleroger, ivanov, jakubsuchybio, janlittlehome, jayem82, jayeshamberkar, jerryd221, hertel, jzvz, kalich5, kallemansikkaniemi, kalyx, dc, kingsman89, kniebremser, kubandrius, lasacco, lejon66, lenasterg, liane_, lsoerup, croce, guedes, marcomantovani, marcosfromero, markusphi, mastersgate, math65, mdlaat, mesan00, mgrau226, mialevesque, mirtoto, misma, mobby2561, mpol, msadat, muchio, muhsinmushviq, nagore, nao, nastytel, ncvitko, netzteil, nijen, nilovelez, olivermerk, patresko, pidengmor, pokeraitis, possemannen, prathameshp, ramiy, rilwis, ronalde, rtrombetta, rybnitom, rona11, sa3idho, seosatu, simison, spoocq, stefanbecker, sukohikuhoh, sviatlana, thee17, thewanderingbrit, tobifjellner, trkr, trondlyngbo, wakamolee, webaware, websaitua, wjj, wookai, wordaspect, wordmatej, wplasma, xkatka, yayannabelle, yeye64, zerog981

People who reported bugs, asked questions, made feature requests & helped other community members:

4x4allrover, addviunews, alessandrovizzino, alexisvz, alextambov, anikhila, antoine69, avismortuairessuisses, b2nmusic, baird900, bari007, bayaro, besimk, bhammondcvl, bigpersian, bjrnet21, bldesignbp, candirgen, carter, cgartzone, copley1, davbo1, deepak06, dianeahern, dmerrill, docolli, domilo, duanejohnson, ekp001, elrufus, erkano, franceswest, freemason, gdadush, gkunka, gnuyork, hecthewreck, heytherewatters, highrollerusa, icegram, itspetrus, ivantrp, jamin84, jmric, karifinn, karma007, keilaw, kelta74, kelvinow, kevinagar, kip-carter, kudui, lavalle, liane_, lkats, loosefast, louelle4, lukascech, marchinok, mariankechlibar, masurana, maxbdx, michaelyorkpa, mrghasemi1047gmailcom, mrgrownupgeek, murraycollingwood, neodid, newtech1, offerbh, olivermerk, optieklacroix, ozmatflc, persoblogger, raspee, riclefebvre, rodleir1963, rohit999, roxymathew, rufa, sagarsarkar, saintlymic, sblessley, scottnicholas, sharenmcarthurgmailcom, skipperjohn, southerncrosswebs, spottedparrotlt, stanxxx, stratosn, syzygist, tallas94, terosalminen, thocar, thubakabra, tomrehor, vicrus, vinny38, wanakimensclub, wartw, wordmatej, worthwhileluxury, yekpix, yleb, yondermann

People who gave their direct feedback – both criticism and praises. Even if you rated the plugin low, we know it must have been in a moment of frustration, and we’ve learned a lot from all of you

byothe, pointbweb, alain59, captain07, rgvollmer, elitedesignfx, avidtrader, tallas94, amib, henkdekruyff, transportationsafety, j, ingevanderwulp, ozmatflc, dslans, taojing10, bearlodgefarm, wfieldhouse, ronsrace, kristinahsvensson, jennifersanchez, spade, carter, starvoters1, mrgrownupgeek, eddr, hawkeye84m, antya63, hecthewreck, bonnerkirkd, lundvik, lazyym, southerncrosswebs, cztxjv, murraycollingwood, byermedia, alessandrovizzino, spajonas, backpackingseries, bjasper03, mt1d09, icegram, patchwebdesign, sarasotasam, danscuro, keilaw, worldpianonews, igotasolutions, bjrnet21, kaye7, central4allgmailcom, jdembowski, olivermerk, sumitchhn, freemason, eclipse16v, syner, enewsdispatch, zacharydash2013, itspetrus, loxx, rauchill, fdoessegger, wendihihihi, czechairwave, giletjaune, perryeng, 1969roamer46, seath, rgvollmer, bgshap, vijay522, yahya7179, blackunykorn, stordream, stewartjp98, icanor, brendadewil, nishant1601, raspee, bbwp23, macstec, marceden101, leeautore, bigpersian, unvieuxencolere

We went to each and every support request, reviewed it and have compiled this list with great respect and acknowledgment. If we missed mentioning you here somehow, please let us know.

Icegram Express Secret ClubIcegram Express Secret Club

Lastly, we are counting on your continued care, love & commitment towards Icegram Express.

We have created a Facebook Community for the plugin. So do join us and help other community members there – Join Now

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  1. Mayal hiu, I like the email subscribers tool a lot – well done. One small issue. The newsletter works well on android but in Outloook it loses all the Rich HTML formatting (fonts, hyperlinks etc). Any ideas how I can remedy this

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