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The easiest way to send newsletters and new blogpost notifications on your WordPress site

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Supported Sites11
Number of subscribersUnlimitedUnlimited
Collect emails
Send newsletters
Send new post notifications
Send automatic welcome emails
Monitor email status
Export & import leads
Automatic CRON setup
Newsletter email templates
Offer & promotional email templates
New blogpost Notification email templates
Spam score
Test Newsletter emails before sending
List cleanup
Easy utm tracking
Spam testingComing soon
Bounce handlingComing soon
Advanced reportingComing soon

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What Customers Say About Email Subscribers…

Complete Plugin. Configured within 5 minutes. Works 100%.

I am very satisfied with this easy and complete plugin/widget. In 5 minutes or less I configured it and is working 100%. I had to delete what I was using from jetpack because it just stop working and I could not figured out why. So this one seems to be the right for me. Thanks


Simple, clean and looks good!

This works very well indeed… It does all the necessary things for a newsletter/email list(s)… It is simple, clean, easy to engage, and looks good… I was also easily able to do some styling on the input forms by adding its widget css into my child’s style.css file and add and/or change some properties and values…

Thanks much for making this available and staying on top of it… ?