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Email Subscribers Starter Plan

  • Freedom From Your Biggest Email Problems
  • Solid Email Delivery
  • Retain Your Audience, Drive Clicks and Traffic
  • Automatic Background Sending
  • Connect with any SMTP / Email Sending Service
  • Stop Spam Signups
  • Work On Your Passion, Not Tech Problems
  • Bonus Bulletproof Email Delivery – Training
  • Bonus 60 Second Blog Posts – Workshop
  • Bonus 200+ Blog Ideas & Content Planner
  • Unlimited Lists & Contacts, Automatic Welcome Emails and Post Notifications – and all great benefits from the core Email Subscribers plugin


$29 billed annually

Cancel anytime + 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Common Questions

We’ve answered most common questions here.
Feel free to contact us if your question is not answered.

How do you ensure reliable email deliveries?

We’ve included a number of solutions for this.

  • First, our server will trigger email dispatch on your server at regular intervals. So you don’t have to bother with cron and server configuration.
  • Second, we’ve added support for using professional email delivery services – many have generous free plans – like ten thousand free emails per month. We’ll walk you through signing up for such a service and setting it up. Or you can even use an existing outgoing mail / SMTP server you already have.
  • Third, we’ve included content focused designs that’ve proven to pass spam checks and land in recipient’s inbox. If you write spammy content, your email may still land in junk, but for most people, it will work really well.
  • Fourth, we will teach you the exact method to get bullet proof email delivery in an exclusive live training. Follow those steps, and you’re sorted.
  • Fifth, our spam blocking stops bad email addresses from entering your list. That way you have lower bounces and failures – and higher email sending reputation as well.
  • Sixth, we will add deeper integration with email sending services in near future, so we send emails using their bulk / batch APIs. This means emails go out way faster.
  • And lastly, we will keep improving on our technology, so your emails reach their desired destination.
How can you afford such low price?

Few reasons.

  • First, we’ve optimized everything for scale, so our costs are lower.
  • Second, we’ve offloaded expensive email sending. When you use some of these professional email sending services, you can get ten thousand free emails per month. And most of you will find that limit very generous. This way we don’t have to invest in building expensive email sending infrastructure.
  • Third, we believe email is like a necessity. Everyone should have access to solid email marketing. So we’ve priced the Starter plan to be extremely affordable.
Where are my emails sent from? My server or yours?

Emails are sent from your server or any SMTP server you designate. We can’t run outgoing mail servers at this low cost, and there are plenty of professional email sending companies that offer a generous free tier. It’s better to use them than to reinvent expensive email infrastructure.

Is this a SaaS offering?

No. Things still work on your site, within your WordPress blog. But there are components we run on our servers to deliver the promised quality of service.

What about GDPR and privacy?

Do not forget to take subscriber’s consent where required. Our plugins are already GDPR compliant. And once you sign up for Starter plan, you should mention Icegram as a third party service you use.

Starter plan does not store any of your subscriber data on our servers. Most of it is all still within your WordPress setup.

How is Starter plan different from the Pro plan?

Starter plan includes most of what we offered in the Pro plan – automatic background email sending, spam sign up prevention and two new email designs.

Pro plan is $19/month or $129/year. Pro includes additional email templates, spam check service at time of email sending, list cleanups, UTM tracking and extra bonuses. People who buy Pro will also get advanced features coming soon – segmentation, autoresponder sequences, automations, analytics and more automatically.

Is pricing based on number of emails sent? Number of contacts?

No. This is a flat annual price. We may add pricing based on number of contacts in future. But if you buy now, you will get unlimited access.

What’s your refund policy?

30 days money back guarantee. We generally don’t offer refunds, but are giving you a 30 day money back guarantee on Starter plan.

What happens if I cancel?

You can continue using the plugin until the end of your subscription period. Beyond that you’d need to renew at then prevailing prices to continue using.

How do I get updates?

Once you activate the plugin and connect your blog with your Icegram account, you will get automatic update alerts within WordPress. You can update directly within WordPress.

What kind of support do you offer?

We take pride in providing professional, one to one support to our customers through our email based support system.

Can I use Starter plan for my client’s websites?

Yes sure. Just buy one license for each site you want to use it on.

Can I use this on more than one sites?

One purchase grants you license to use Starter plan on one site. Buy as many times as you need. If you want to use it on more than 20 sites, contact us for Agency discount.

How will I get the bonuses / trainings?

You will get an email within a week from your purchase about the next available training schedule. These will be online webinar trainings. You can download session recording if you can’t attend.

Can I upgrade to Pro plan in future?

Yes. We are working on lots of features you will love – autoresponder sequences, segments, automations… You will get a special discount to upgrade to Pro plan when we launch the new version.

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