Email Subscribers

The most loved WordPress plugin for newsletters and email marketing (but with a twist!)

You’re looking for the best plugin to send emails to your audience.

And everyone out there is talking about cool features, awesome email marketing chops, segmentation, drag and drop designers, automation and what not.

But what you really need is people reading your emails and taking action.

Everyone gets hundreds of emails today. But they read only a few.

More than fancy features, you need to focus on building a tribe – identifying, relating with, delivering value and leading people to action.

That is what sets Email Subscribers apart from all other alternatives – both WordPress plugins and hosted SaaS solutions.

We understand your world. We want you to succeed. We give you not only tools, but also training and support. We’ll help you refine your email marketing strategy, put it to action and keep improving. We help you achieve your real goals.


Here’s what you get with Email Subscribers…

Discover your tribe

Understanding your target market is first step to success. Follow our training plan to identify your niche and understand pains of your tribe, your ideal audience. Then connect with them at a breakthrough new level.

  • Works for everyone – beginners to pros
  • Find your niche and connect with your target audience
  • Write blog posts and emails that people read
  • Implement the best email marketing strategy

Grows your audience on auto-pilot

Your list is your biggest asset. Whether you are starting out with no list or have thousands of people already, Email Subscribers automatically sets up your website to grow your audience.

  • Sign up forms in widget, or anywhere else
  • Blocks spammy signups, and cleans out bad email addresses
  • Reporting and list management
  • Combine with Icegram Engage to skyrocket optins

Generates high engagement and participation

Email Subscriber automates personalization and outreach. New blog posts can be delivered as email to your list. Newsletters feel more personal. Focus on call to actions brings more people back to your site.

  • Automatic blog post notifications and newsletters
  • Personalize with merge tags
  • High converting subject lines and email strategies
  • Increase comments and community participation

Look professional

Strong and positive brand image is essential to create trust and influence. So we’ve designed every interaction with your tribe to make you look like a pro – forms, email designs, messaging – everything is carefully crafted.

  • Conversion focused email designs
  • Seamless integration with your site
  • Brand your emails and build influence
  • Learn to write effective blog posts and emails

Keeps expanding your influence – both in reach and results

Once you’ve done the groundwork, you can get back to what you do best. Email Subscribers will keep working in background to grow your tribe. Things keep getting better and better.

  • Easy, one time setup
  • Regular trainings to get better
  • Magical system that keeps working in background

Expert guidance throughout your journey

From getting started to ongoing engagement with your audience, copy writing to call for actions and everything in between. We include ongoing training and support for you.

  • Learn all the basics of community building using email
  • Master email writing secrets of top marketers
  • Discover the best ways to make money by serving the tribe

How will your life change with Email Subscribers?

Most other tools are too technical and focus on features you may not even need. Email Subscribers always keeps your success as the ultimate goal. We want you to grow, expand your impact. So we will take care of the tools and training.

We’ve experienced the challenges of building a tribe. So we’ll support you all the way.

  • You will see a distinct change in your writing and connection with community.
  • A lot more people will join your tribe and they will eagerly await for your messages.
  • They will read, respond and participate in conversations you create.
  • Your influence will keep expanding. You will become their hero.

Here are the top email marketing features you will get…

  • Unlimited subscribers
  • Unlimited lists
  • Send newsletters, welcome emails and new blog post notifications
  • No coding knowledge required
  • Use Captcha, prevent spam / fake signups and ongoing list cleanup
  • High converting email design templates
  • Spam testing for newsletters
  • Multilingual – both the plugin and your emails
  • Easy import / export
  • Analytics and stats
  • Unsubscribe links, GDPR compliance – built in
  • Double or Single Optin – your choice
  • Works with most WordPress plugins and themes
  • Google Analytics UTM tracking
  • Free and Premium editions available
  • And more…

BONUS: Succeed with these top trainings…

  • Niche and tribe discovery
  • Content and email marketing strategy
  • Emotional triggers and using them effectively in email
  • Getting higher open and click rates
  • Acquire, nurture, retain and reactivate subscribers
  • Getting heard in the noisy world
  • Lead magnets, trip wires and funnels
  • Copywriting for email
  • How often to mail your list and at what times
  • How to send offers and make money
  • Solve email sending limits of your web hosts
  • Reduce your email marketing costs
  • And more…

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