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Turn visitors into subscribers & customers

Drive traffic. Engage readers. Grow revenue.

Pop-ups, banners, offers, exit trigger messages and much more. Powerful targeting rules, split testing, high-converting designs, top-notch performance. Communicate with and convert your website visitors easily.

Call to action
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Are people leaving your site without taking action? Are you getting traffic, but low conversions?

Most of us spend too much time on traffic and acquisition. But visitors are actually bouncing, abandoning and exiting our websites. Optimizing your funnel is hard work – we understand your challenge. That’s why we created Icegram Engage.

Engage Visitors

Engage visitors

Show right messages to right people at the right time in the right place. Drive people to landing pages, promotions and stop them from bouncing away.

More Subscribers & Customers

More subscribers & customers

Dramatically increase opt-ins and sales. Easily run powerful onsite marketing campaigns. Marketers, owners and visitors – everyone loves Icegram!

Optimize results

Optimize results

Keep growing. Get everything you need to target, measure, re-target, behavior rules, personalize, split test, segment, automate and optimize.

Icegram Engage is the best – I reviewed a lot of alternatives – and I’m glad I bought Icegram Engage! I’m extremely pleased with the action bars, sidebars, stickies, ribbons, popups… well, everything!

Annie Lax

Annie Lax


I could add a call to action footer bar to my team easily and it immediately improved conversions. The designs are beautiful and there is so much power with all the customizations.

David McCaleb

David McCaleb

Thriller Author & Entrepreneur
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Your all-in-one conversion optimization solution

Convert casual website visitors into customers and fans with high-converting, attention-grabbing popups and dozens of other marketing messages.

Non-intrusive popups and on-site messages

We get it. Nobody likes being bothered. So we have created popups and other message types that are attention grabbing but not intrusive. They are well designed and instantly get your message across to your visitors.

Multipurpose popup CTA conversion

User-friendly design styling & customizations

Personalize your campaign messages faster with the built-in WordPress editor, quick color picker, animations and form positions. You won’t be tinkering endlessly within a drag and drop editor with Icegram Engage.

Design template, change style and animations

Show the right message at the right time to the right visitor

Powerful targeting options let you display your campaigns on a specific page, on a particular day, for targeted geolocation, for specific devices, for different type of visitors and much more. Segmented messages like this are bound to give you much better results.

Targeting rules - display conditions, geo-targeting

Analyze, A/B split test, optimize

Get detailed reporting for every campaign and each message. Run A/B split tests, experiment with different message types and configure targeting rules. Find what works for your audience and optimize for increased conversions.

A/B testing and reports

One solution for growth and conversions.

  • Easy to use
  • Quick results
  • All the features you need
  • Free to get started
  • Proven track record

Go beyond popups and floating bars – 12 high-converting message styles

  • Popup
  • Floating Action Bar
  • Toast Notification
  • Messenger
  • Full screen Overlay
  • Inline Block
  • Tab
  • Sidebar
  • Interstitial
  • Ribbon
  • Sticky
  • Badge

Exit / bounce catch

Stop losing visitors. Target campaigns to people who’re leaving your site.

Behavior triggers

Page scroll, whether logged in or not, time spent on page – personalize messages based on user behavior.


Second time visitor? Customer? Show segmented messages and increase conversions.

Geo targeting

Personalize offers based on visitor’s location – and combine with lots of other targeting rules.

Animations & designs

Subtle or snazzy – design campaigns the way you like.


Views, clicks, conversions – track and understand all performance metrics for deeper insights.

Lots of integrations

Opt-in forms for popular email marketing services, integrations with popular WordPress and WooCommerce plugins.

Use on non-WordPress sites

Embed a small code and show your campaigns anywhere – even non WordPress sites.

120+ ready to use campaigns

Icegram Engage Example Icegram Engage Example Icegram Engage Example Icegram Engage Example Icegram Engage Example Icegram Engage Example Icegram Engage Example Icegram Engage Example Icegram Engage Example Icegram Engage Example Icegram Engage Example Icegram Engage Example Icegram Engage Example Icegram Engage Example

We help you grow – and let you keep your profits.

With Icegram Engage you can:

  • Build your list
  • Recover abandoning visitors
  • Drive traffic to landing pages
  • Increase conversions and sales
  • Make important announcements
  • Show hyper targeted, personalized offers
  • Give discount coupons
  • Take feedback
  • Run segmented, micro campaigns
  • Promote social media pages
  • Lead magnets – pdfs, ebooks etc
  • Run giveaway and contests
  • Engage visitors and reduce bounce rates
  • Welcome visitors
  • Promote a new blog post
  • Guide customers for support
  • Restrict content to certain users
  • And more…

Get ready to make more from your website.

You can double your conversions within five minutes – even with our free plan. And you can run unlimited everything – without our branding.

You will see dramatic growth in the number of subscribers, you will drive a lot more people to your landing pages, you will witness sales going up and abandonments falling down, you will make your audience feel special.

Outstanding results*****

So flexible, so powerful*****

78,500 subscribers in six months*****

My go-to plugin*****

  • 1

    Less work, more results

    Do it yourself – save time with pre designed, conversion optimized campaigns.

  • 2

    Holy grail of conversions

    Right messages + right targeting + right timing + right placement.

  • 3

    Lower abandonment & higher engagement

    Make visitors spend more time on your site and enjoy it.

  • 4

    Positive SEO loop

    Improved conversion metrics means Google sends you more traffic. The loop continues…

Many needs, one solution

Grab attention, drive results and monetize your website – without the annoyance.

Join 43,500+ savvy marketers & website owners who enjoy 267% conversion rates using Icegram Engage.