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Read This Before You Buy Engagifire

Engagifire is an impressive popup solution with a ton of features and a great sales page.

Here's our honest review of Engagifire. Plus our take on how it compares with Icegram – the best (and free) all-in-one WordPress plugin for lead capture and call to actions.

What we like in Engagifire

  • Drag and Drop Popup Builder: It's really ease to use and slick. Very nice for beginners.
  • Nice Theme Designs: They've taken designs from some of the most successful sites and included a good collection of popup theme designs.
  • Good Features: Overall, Engagifire offers a good feature set. Useful for most online marketers.

What we don't like in Engagifire

  • SaaS only: Engagifire is not a WordPress plugin. All your campaigns stay on their servers. Now SaaS is not bad, but we prefer to have an option to go all WordPress whenever possible!
  • One Time Pricing: While Engagifire teases (rather threatens) the buyer that prices will raise to $47/month, it is sold at $47 one time. Offering a SaaS solution for one time fee is killing yourself in the foot. I wouldn't expect stellar support or business continuity with offers like this…
  • Developer Reputation: The people behind Engagifire don't seem to have very good reputation in online marketing community. Engagifire is a SaaS spinoff of UberPopups, which was a rebrand of Popup Builder WordPress plugin. So not sure of the future of Engagifire…

Is Icegram a good alternative to Engagifire??

When we compare Engagifire and Icegram, we can see that both Engagifire and Icegram are feature loaded and have the potential to attract visitors instantly.. They have their unique strengths, but there are a number of differences between the two solutions. We list a few below so you can choose which one is right for you.

Icegram is free, and a WordPress plugin

Icegram is a free WordPress plugin with premium add-ons. The free plugin – Icegram – is fully featured and does not cut any corners. Icegram's free plugin is more powerful than many premium highly priced solutions out there..

Icegram integrates with WordPress seamlessly, and also has an add-on that allows running Icegram campaigns on non-WordPress sites.

Engagifire is paid and a SaaS solution. Pricing is $77/yr for single site license. Plus there are upsells for additional features.

Other licenses for Engagifire are priced at:
Multisite – $127/year
Unlimited sites – $197/year

Engagifire does Popups nad Slide-ins only… Icegram does a lot more…

Engaifire gives you the option to create cool popup messages, but the catch is you can only create two message i.e – 1 popups and 1 slide-in

On the other hand, Icegram gives you 4 different message types in the free version itself – Popups, Action bars, Messenger and Toast Notifications.

Triggers & Targeting

When and where you show your optin popup can determine its success. So powerful triggering and targeting options are a must for such a solution.

Both Engagifire and Icegram can take pride in this area! They have numerous targeting rules / triggers. These triggers are simple to understand and when used wisely will get you amazing conversions.

Engagifire gives following triggers:

  • On Page Load
  • After a Number of seconds
  • On Scroll Percentage
  • On Exit Intent
  • On Page Close
  • Manual – On Click / Mouse over (Elite Upgrade Feature)
  • Content Lock
  • Page Level Targeting

Icegram offers a powerful framework for targeting rules and display triggers. Considering the free version and paid add-ons, you get unprecedented power. Here's a summary…

In the free version, you get:

  • Where
    Decide where you want your message to be displayed, like: Homepage / Selected pages / Specific URLs
  • When
    Decide when you want your message to be displayed, like: Always / Scheduled dates. Plus timing control over when each message shows up in a campaign.
  • Who
    Decide who will see your messages, like: All users / Logged in users only / Not Logged in users
  • Device
    What devices to display the message on? Phones / Desktop / Tablets

Icegram's premium add-ons enhance these rules with:

  • Geo Targeting
    Target your campaigns based on visitor location
  • Behavior Triggers
    Displays your message based on

    • Time on Page
    • Time on Site
    • Exit Intent
    • User Inactivity
    • Scroll Position

In short, Icegram offers nearly all targeting rules that Engagifire provides, and then some more…

But what about the designs and themes?

Engagifire comes with 40 pre-made templates it also has a drag & drop builder with many customizable components. So you can create and design your popups easily.

Icegram has over 174 themes just in its free version and many more themes via paid add-ons. So you get a variety of proven theme designs out of the box.

Icegram does not have a drag and drop popup builder. Icegram uses WordPress's built in content editor. This means you don't have to learn anything new and get full control over HTML/CSS. But it also means it can be slightly tricky to accomplish advanced designs if you don't know HTML/CSS.

Bells and Whistles – payment integration, authority hijacking and more…

Engagifire includes some additional features that are noteworthy. For example, you can accept payments with Amazon, TeeSpring and PayPal integration without setting up an ecommerce solution. If you go for the Pro upsell, you also get “Remote Commander” – which lets you show your popups on top of any other site – though this has copyright infringement possibilities, and you may hear from the lawyers of the authoritative website you are hijacking!!

Icegram does not offer these features, but has it's own bells and whistles. The sheer variety of message types, split testing and advanced analytics, call to action customizations, a fully featured JavaScript API and developer friendly structure make Icegram irresistible!

The Comparison Table!!

No review is complete without a comparison table! So here it is!

Number of Message TypesWhooping collection 13 different styles2 (Pop-up & Slide-in)
Themes17 free themes, plus many more40 themes
Design InterfaceWordPress EditorDrag and Drop Editor
CustomizationYes, complete controlYes
Targeting RulesYes, lots ofYes
AnalyticsYes, plus Split Testing tooLimited
PricingFree and Premium AddonsPaid – starting at $77, $127,$197
Type of SolutionWordPress pluginSaaS – hosted on their servers
Community6000+ active users and growingUnknown

What's the verdict??

If you like hosted SaaS solutions, want a drag & drop interface and want to use popups only, you can go with Engagifire.

If you like to have a WordPress plugin, want a solid all-in-one solution, that's free to boot, go with Icegram!

What's your take?

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