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Enhancing Basic Emails: Adding the Magic of CTAs

Learn the benefits of adding strategic CTAs to your emails and discover how they transform passive readers into active participants. Explore the power of CTAs like 'Buy Now', 'Learn More', and 'Sign Up' to increase click rates, sign-ups, and conversions.


Last updated on July 9, 2024

One of the emerging marketing techniques is the ‘Call to Action’ method. Popularly called CTA, it is a brilliant way to engage audiences by encouraging and directing them toward a particular action. This action is utilized for marketing or advertising contexts.

As for emails, strategic CTAs help increase sales and purchases by prompting the readers. Email CTAs usually appear in the form of an eye-catching link or button. These strategic CTAs help direct visitors to an entirely new webpage to complete the intended action.

In order to harvest the advantages of adding CTAs, you need to be completely aware of the process. This is done by learning the ways of adding CTAs to emails and the power they hold.

Benefits of CTAs and emails going hand in hand

Ever sent an email that landed with a thud? The culprit? You missed adding CTAs, the magic ingredient that transforms readers into doers. This ‘guess the next step’ approach will only leave your visitors in the dark and unable to interact with your business.

Start utilizing strategic CTAs like “Buy Now”, “Learn More” and “Sign Up”, and watch your inbox buzz with clicks, sign-ups, and sweet conversions.

Supercharge Your Inbox: Master the Art of the Strategic Email CTA

  • If you are craving higher click rates, embrace the power of adding CTAs in the form of buttons. Imagine your emails as a treasure map. Now think, how fun it would be if every treasure spot were marked with a big red X mark. How easy would it be to find the riches? This is how strategic CTAs help your visitors discover the exciting and amazing treasure of features you have to offer. This kind of straight-cut path to the CTAs is even more helpful when it comes to touchscreen mobile phones.
  • Imagine your email to be a stage and your visitors are the audience. Now adding CTAs is like adding the spotlight. And a spotlight needs to shine brighter than all. Try to think of dazzling colors and shades to add to your CTA button. Imagine a crimson button cutting through the email’s calm like a samurai through bamboo, demanding attention, beckoning action. Unleash your inner color ninja and paint the town red. Because a muted CTA button is a missed opportunity.
  • On your journey to making your CTA buttons easy to find, the next step could be strategic placement and a directional roadmap to them. It can be done by adding arrows that point toward your planned CTA. A more modern take on this is the imagery or visual whisper method. For instance, you can add any image of a person who is looking subtly toward the CTA button. To get inspiration on the right placement of CTAs, you can read about how Icegram has added the Welcome Mat and Yes-No CTA.
  • Is your CTA comfortably visible or do you need to borrow Sherlock Holmes’ magnifying lens? When it comes to adding CTAs, you also need to be calculative about their square footage. The action-oriented feature cannot be too small as it would be too hard to find. And if the size of the button is too big, it will present an annoying sight.
  • The fear of missing out on great deals is one of the most successful psychological marketing tricks. The FOMO magic always works. And that should be your exact thought process while adding CTAs. Limited quantities, ticking timers, and exclusive access – these are the sprinkles on your email sundae, the cherries on top of your action-packed call to action. Using phrases like Flash sale ends tonight! or Last chance for early bird pricing! turns passive readers into hungry clickers.
  • Strategic CTAs use a dash of me and I kind of personalization. “Claim my freebie”, “Sign me up” and “Grab my discount” put the reader in the driver’s seat and prompt them to take immediate action in a very welcoming tone.
  • Test it out before adding CTAs. You cannot rely on guesswork for this important marketing milestone. You need to test and check how good each format of adding CTAs might look like and then choose the one that works best for you. A good idea would be A/B testing your strategic CTAs before their final appearance on your webpage.
  • Complicated CTAs would not be able to attract as much interaction as needed. Any kind of fancy jargon or cryptic wording would drive your audience away. Don’t overthink it, and don’t overcomplicate. Because as a matter of fact, “Shop Now” is the most popular CTA of all time. This proves that simplicity rules.
  • A lot of times, the visitors might get confused about the CTA buttons. This leads them to click on various images present on the page. Any highlighter text, an action-oriented word, or anything that stands out from the rest of the text on the page may be mistaken for being a CTA button. Therefore, a particularly clever and great move would be adding CTAs to these elements as well.

Interpretation of adding CTAs with practical examples

Strategic CTAs that prompt purchases

  • Order now.
  • Shop now and get an exciting discount of 50%.
  • Earn a free gift card.
  • Get 30% off on your first purchase.
  • Save 10%.
  • Shop from our bestsellers.
  • Check out our latest collection.
  • Shop trendy styles.
  • Shop at our outlets this festive season, and get discounts of up to 40% and assured gifts.
  • Enjoy customized recommendations.

Adding CTAs to earn customer feedback

  • Share your experience – Click here to leave a quick review!
  • Tell us what you think! Take our 2-minute survey.
  • Help us improve – Fill out our feedback form using customer feedback tools.
  • Your opinion matters! Let us know how we can do better.
  • Make a difference – Rate your recent purchase.
  • Be the voice of change! Share your experience and make a difference.
  • Let’s build something together! Your feedback is the blueprint.
  • From good to great – Your opinion helps us level up.
  • It’s feedback time! Join the conversation and let’s hear it from you.

Hope these examples will be able to guide you in your mission of adding CTAs to your email marketing saga. As for any further assistance, just ask Icegram Express, your trusted buddy in all your marketing ventures.


Adding CTAs is the difference between crickets chirping and your inbox ringing with action. Weave captivating copy that draws your readers in, then unleash the power of clear, actionable verbs. Don’t be shy, command them (nicely, of course) to follow the path you’ve laid. Speak your brand’s language, inject urgency with powerful verbs, and guide your readers to the promised land of clicking, buying, and subscribing. Master this art of strategic CTA alchemy, and watch your emails transform from dusty maps to gold-generating pipelines.

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