Exit Intent Optins / Exit Intent Technology

Want to convert a fleeing visitor? Icegram Engage’s Exit Intent is your best bet.

Exit Intent Optins are shown to the visitor just before they are leaving your website. This makes them the perfect platform to make your final call.

Generate best leads using exit intent

Internet marketing gurus swear by the effectiveness of exit optins. Around 78% of them use exit optins to grow their list.

Exit Intents are undoubtedly best for growing your email list but you can also reduce abandonments using them.

Convert unhappy visitors on exit intent and increase sign-ups

An exiting customer is highly vulnerable and can be caught off guard if the right content is thrown his way.

Around 70% of the people that leave your website, never return.

That’s a huge chunk isn’t it? Exit Popups/Optins are the best way to make these visitors take atleast some action on your website.

Reduce cart abandonment & grow sales using exit intent

It’s clear that the person who is abandoning the cart is not happy with the price and is leaving due to that. At this juncture, you can give a discount coupon and he will be more than happy to redeem it.