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How Do You Get Over The First Email Blues?

Get over your first email blues by staying in the game. Keep working on your email marketing skills and follow industry experts for further guidance. Find more here how to overcome email blues.

first email blues

Last updated on January 16, 2024

Do you still feel jittery when planning to send emails like it’s your first time? I’m talking about your first email blues.

Sending emails for the first time can be intimidating. Overcoming this hurdle can be an uphill battle, whether you are a marketer or an entrepreneur.

Also, spending valuable time worrying about emails can further lengthen the progress. Thus, making a strategy and following through would be wise.

Let’s discuss how strategically you can overcome your anxiety:

How can you overcome the first email blues?

Look beyond basics to overcome first email blues

What will intrigue prospects to give your emails their precious time?

Offer them what other marketers fail to do. A deep insight into your value-driven offer will be a great way to start your email.

Here is what you can do:

  • Acknowledge your client’s interests and draft content
  • Never compare your style with others as it can be mentally exhausting
  • Learn from experts
  • Be innovative/creative in your emails

Generic marketing emails won’t seal the deal for you. To avoid anxious thoughts, exceed the expectations of most prospects by offering more than typical marketers bring to the table. It amplifies the chances of getting noticed and heard.

Set schedule for mail campaigns to avoid rush

Do you remember when you spent days crafting email content only to receive no response?

Have you ever thought that you sent the emails at the wrong time? It could be the reason behind the subscribers’ unresponsiveness. Schedule your time to send emails to grab subscribers’ attention. Sending targeted emails in the morning and after lunch is more desirable.

For example, times for sending emails and receiving increased open rates would be:

  • The morning between 8 AM and 10 AM,
  • After lunchtime, between 1 PM and 3 PM,

In addition, studies show that people check emails on Tuesdays, as opposed to other weekdays.

As a result, plan your time for responding to and sending emails accordingly.

Embrace experiential learning

Do you believe experiential learning can help quieten anxious thoughts?

You explore new opportunities as experiential learning teaches what not to do. It makes it easier to interpret subscribers’ point-of-view and write effective emails. Coming to the point, interacting with your audience is the best way to tackle your anxiety.

The best email marketing plan stems from how well you know your audience. Rather than focusing on success stories, explore a few unsuccessful and controversial stories. It will teach you how the marketing world works and what the audience expects from you.

Following experts in the field

Another way to avoid common mistakes and prevent email blues is to follow the advice from experts in the field. Take their mentorship program and learn directly from them.

Consider taking inspiration from various email marketing experts. Marketing podcasts, YouTube, books and websites can assist you in your marketing campaigns. Moreover, you must leverage the power of email newsletters. They offer invaluable insight into the writing styles to interact with email subscribers.

Plan to combat stress

Have you ever noticed that client engagement at a specific time brings positive results?

Releasing your campaign during those hours can relieve stress. Scheduling your emails helps you capture the perfect moment to improve your client engagement rate. In the meantime, you can draft and improve your email content.

Let’s learn how to plan combat stress and get over email blues.

How to plan to combat stress to fight first email blues?

Let’s look at the steps you must follow:

Sort out your emails like a pro

Do you remember the saying ‘the early bird catches the worm’?

This is so true in the marketing ecosystem. Your client will assess you based on how fast you respond. You have no reason to stress as the likelihood of a positive outcome increases. What a relief it would be if you had your email organized before you started working.

That’s when email marketing plugins come in handy. You can begin by categorizing your emails by date, location, subject, and other factors. That way, you can write professional emails and respond to them at the scheduled time. It will result in less anxiety and no first email blues ever again.

Start with first responder and beat your first email blues

How do you decide which email you should respond to first?

If you choose to erratically answer your emails, you should reconsider that. Quick responses get appreciation, but not at the expense of email content quality. It is imperative to maintain your focus on one task at a time. Switching from one prospect to another can significantly decrease your productivity.

Meanwhile, the email segmentation helps you choose the email you must attend first. That would help email drafting be smoother and quicker.

Follow-up emails

Do you use follow-up emails as a medium for engagement rather than a mere response?

The client’s response relieves a lot of stress knowing you have got their attention. It also alleviates your concern about your emails being lost or ignored. The next step will be to craft client-focused follow-up emails to illuminate further opportunities.

Further, in the event of receiving cold shoulders from prospects, know that nothing is set in stone and start over. Opt for a direct and practical way to restate your offer. In the future, if the client has expressed interest, resume the conversation likewise.

Cold email strategy

Are you familiar with cold email marketing strategies to connect with clients?

It’s popular among email marketers as it’s fruitful to promote your products. Marketers leave no stone unturned to impress prospects and expand their network. It can be stressful and lead you to the worst place as a marketer. Yet, keep in mind that your prospect might be getting a lot of such emails.

When you are sending your first emails, stay away from generic email formats. Generic emails are prone to being ignored or get passed on to the spam box. Turn generic emails into high-quality email content to overcome first email blues. Use email marketing tools like Express, Mailchimp, HubSpot, etc. to make your campaigns bigger and bolder.

Crafting cold emails with compelling subject lines would help you gain more valuable subscribers or customers. You can have your client’s response in the first go as well, relieving you of the first email blues. Hence, while starting in the marketing world, follow the tips to make the odds work in your favor. It’s not wise to get discouraged by looking at others’ setbacks.

I guess those who believe in the mantra of Icegram Express, the WordPress email marketing plugin, can find this image below useful to outsmart email blues.

how to overcome first email blues_icegram express special strategies_email content

Wrapping up

Email marketing is a long journey as every step you take helps you grow. No magic trick can help you ease your stress, but your confidence in yourself.

Therefore, put your knowledge into practice and take calculated risks. The execution of well-planned email marketing campaigns brings higher revenue.

Once you conquer your fear, you will realize that the ball has always been in your court. Therefore, it’s time to build the best strategies to craft sales emails, focus on efficient customer engagement and enjoy a thrilling experience with the first email marketing campaign.

To say the least, let Icegram Express assist you in your email marketing endeavors.

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