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Free Mailchimp Alternatives to Boost Email Marketing in 2024

Looking for some free Mailchimp alternatives? Get unlimited email and landing page suggestions along with contenders that have been compared pretty vigorously.

Free Mailchimp Alternatives

Last updated on June 25, 2024

Ever dreamt of throwing a massive email marketing party? Inviting thousands of potential customers? Mailchimp can be your initial party planner! It’s a user-friendly platform with drag-and-drop tools to create eye-catching email invitations (aka newsletters).

But here’s the thing, Mailchimp’s free plan is like a BYOB party. It’s fun, gets things rolling, but has limitations. You can only invite a small group (500 contacts) and there’s a limit on the number of party favors (emails) you can send (1,000 per month).

So if you’re looking for a free Mailchimp alternatives to host your email marketing bash, there are plenty of options that can accommodate a larger guest list and offer more party favors (emails)!

For a truly epic email marketing bash, you might need to upgrade to a paid plan later. But hey, Mailchimp’s free plan is a fantastic way to test the waters and see if email marketing is your jam! So crank up the music, get creative, and throw the best BYOB email marketing party your audience has ever seen!

Best free email marketing for small businesses

Running a small business is like juggling flaming chainsaws while riding a unicycle – you need every advantage you can get. Enter email marketing: a powerful tool to connect with customers directly, nurture relationships, and (hopefully!) avoid the flaming chainmail of low sales.

But hold on there, partner! Traditional marketing agencies can charge more than a lifetime supply of antacids. That’s where cost-effective email marketing solutions come in, swooping in like a superhero to save the day (and your budget).

What are SMEs looking for in their email marketing sidekick?

  • Drag-and-drop design: No coding classes needed! Build beautiful, engaging emails with easy-to-use email marketing tools, even if your design skills are stuck in the era of dial-up internet.
  • Template library: Feeling uninspired? Don’t sweat it! Pre-designed templates get you started fast, leaving you more time to focus on crafting killer content (or perfecting your unicycle skills).
  • Automation features: Set it and forget it! Automate repetitive tasks like welcome emails or birthday greetings, freeing you up to tackle more strategic business endeavors (like finally conquering that unicycle).
  • Affordable pricing: SMEs need solutions that fit their budget, not break the bank. Look for platforms with flexible pricing plans that scale as your business grows.

With the right cost-effective email marketing platform, SMEs can level up their customer engagement and watch their sales soar – all without needing a small fortune or a degree in rocket science. So ditch the carrier pigeons (seriously, those things are messy) and embrace the power of email marketing on a budget!

The free Mailchimp alternatives landscape

So, you’ve been using Mailchimp and it’s been a blast – building your email list, crafting killer campaigns, feeling like a digital marketing rockstar. But lately, that free plan feels a bit like a crowded pool float – not enough space for your growing audience and big dreams.

Fear not, fellow marketer! We’re about to take a refreshing plunge into the free alternative lagoon, where a vibrant ecosystem of email marketing platforms awaits. These alternatives offer the same awesome features as Mailchimp (and sometimes even cooler ones) without the limitations of the free plan.

But how do we find the perfect free alternative, you ask? Well, we put on our metaphorical scuba gear and explored the depths based on some key criteria:

  • Subscriber limits: We want platforms that could accommodate your growing school of email subscribers, no matter how big it gets (think breaching whale, not lonely goldfish).
  • Free plan features: We look for free plans that offer the essentials – drag-and-drop email builders, stunning templates, and basic analytics to track your email marketing mastery.

So, get ready to ditch the restrictive floaties and dive into a world of free email marketing possibilities!

Now that the basic requirements are clear, let’s call upon some contenders and see how they perform.

FeatureMailchimp (Free Plan)SenderMailerLiteMoosendMailjetIcegram Express (Free Plan)
SubscribersUp to 2,000Up to 2,500Up to 1,000Up to 1,000Up to 200Up to 1,000
Emails per Month12,000Unlimited12,000Unlimited6,000Unlimited
Email TemplatesLimitedDrag-and-drop builderDrag-and-drop builderDrag-and-drop builderDrag-and-drop builderDrag-and-drop builder
Landing PagesNoYes (limited)YesYesLimitedYes (unlimited)
AutomationLimited workflowsLimited workflowsBasic AutomationLimited workflowsNoBasic Automation
SupportEmail & Knowledge BaseEmail & Chat SupportEmail & Chat SupportEmail & Chat SupportEmail & Chat SupportEmail & Chat Support

A deep dive into free Mailchimp alternatives

Let’s explore the treasure trove of free Mailchimp alternatives mentioned above, each offering unique features and a refreshing dive into the world of email marketing.

MailerLite: the user-friendly choice

Free Mailchimp Alternatives

  • Platform: User-friendly interface and drag-and-drop builder, perfect for beginners.
  • Free plan strengths: Send 12,000 emails per month to 1,000 subscribers.
  • Limitations: Lacks advanced features like A/B testing and automation in the free plan.
  • Unique selling point (USP): Offers landing pages even in the free plan, perfect for capturing leads and building your list. Great for bloggers and content creators.

Try Mailerlite

Sender: the budget-conscious champion


  • Platform: Generous free plan with high sending limits.
  • Free plan strengths: Send 15,000 emails per month to up to 2,500 subscribers.
  • Limitations: Basic email templates and limited automation features in the free plan.
  • USP: Built-in transactional email capabilities, even in the free plan.

Try Sender

Moosend: the feature-rich free plan contender


  • Platform: Free plan includes landing pages and basic automation.
  • Free plan strengths: Store unlimited contacts and send 1,000 emails per month. Plus, create landing pages and basic automation workflows in the free plan.
  • Limitations: Lower sending limit compared to some alternatives.
  • USP: Perfect for those who need basic automation features and landing pages without upgrading, ideal for startups and small businesses.

Try Moosend

Mailjet: the collaboration-focused option


  • Platform: Mailjet prioritizes collaboration, allowing multiple users to work on email campaigns together.
  • Free plan strengths: Store up to 200 contacts and send 6,000 emails per month. Collaborate with team members on email creation (helpful for agencies).
  • Limitations: Lower contact and sending limits compared to some alternatives.
  • USP: Collaboration features are perfect for marketing teams and agencies working together on email campaigns.

Try Mailjet

Icegram Express: The WordPress integration powerhouse

Icegram Express

  • Platform: Icegram Express seamlessly integrates with WordPress websites, making it a breeze for website owners.
  • Free plan strengths: Store up to 1,000 subscribers and send 10,000 emails per month. Offers basic automation and pop-ups to capture leads (great for building your list).
  • Limitations: Limited features compared to some alternatives, might not be ideal for those without a WordPress website.
  • USP: Seamless WordPress integration, pop-ups to capture leads, making it a great choice for website owners and bloggers leveraging WordPress.

Try Icegram Express

Remember, the perfect alternative depends on your specific needs. Consider factors like subscriber limits, desired features, and budget to find your ideal free email marketing platform and make a splash in the marketing world!

Time to explore Icegram Express

We’ve explored the free alternative lagoon, and guess who emerged as the shining pearl? Icegram Express! But why, you ask? Buckle up, because Icegram Express offers a free plan so good, it’ll leave the competition gasping for air.

Here’s what makes Icegram Express the king (or queen) of the free email marketing castle:

  • Unlimited everything: Unlike other platforms that limit your emails and restrict your growth, Icegram Express lets you send unlimited emails – perfect for nurturing those precious leads and building a thriving subscriber base.
  • Landing page powerhouse: Free plans often leave you stranded when it comes to landing pages, but Icegram Express throws you a lifeline with unlimited landing pages! Capture leads, promote special offers, and convert like a pro, all within the free plan.
  • Drag-and-drop delight: Creating beautiful and engaging newsletters can feel like a chore. But with Icegram Express’s user-friendly interface and intuitive drag-and-drop builder, crafting stunning emails becomes a breeze. No coding skills required!
  • Automation on autopilot: Even the free plan equips you with basic automation functionalities. Schedule emails in advance, set up automated welcome sequences, and save precious time while keeping your audience engaged.

Icegram Express understands that growing businesses need all the firepower they can get. That’s why the free plan removes the limitations that can hold you back. So, ditch the restrictive alternatives and dive into the refreshing freedom of Icegram Express!

It’s the perfect platform to launch your email marketing journey and watch your audience (and sales) soar.


Many marketers crave the freedom to build bigger lists and access advanced features without breaking the bank. That’s where exploring free Mailchimp alternatives comes in.

This vast landscape holds incredible options that offer more value and functionality. Platforms like Icegram Express stand out as top contenders for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) for several reasons:

  • Generous Free Plans: Icegram Express provides a free plan that allows for a much larger subscriber base and impressive features like A/B testing and basic automation.
  • Designed for SMEs: It understands the challenges and needs of growing businesses, offering user-friendly tools and functionalities specifically tailored for their success.
  • Focus on Growth: Icegram Express empowers SMEs to scale their email marketing efforts effortlessly, helping them nurture leads, drive conversions, and ultimately achieve their goals.

Ready to ditch the limitations and unlock the full potential of email marketing?

Take the plunge and try Icegram Express for free today! You’ll experience the difference a robust and empowering free plan can make for your email marketing strategy. So, what are you waiting for? Dive in and see how Icegram Express can help your business thrive!


  • What is the Google equivalent of Mailchimp?
    Google doesn’t have a direct Mailchimp equivalent, but for larger-scale creative projects requiring robust tools, you can explore Google Workspace.Google Workspace offers a suite of powerful tools:
      • Gmail for email marketing blasts (think mass gallery opening invitations!)
      • Google Forms for capturing leads (like an RSVP list for your exhibition)
      • Google Analytics to track your artistic impact (how many people showed up!)

        Paid plans provide additional features and flexibility, such as:

      • Customizing your invitations (emails)
      • Tracking RSVPs in real-time
  • Free email marketing sounds great, but is it really any good?
    Absolutely! Platforms like Icegram Express offer generous free plans with tons of features. It’s like having a free trial to a music streaming service – you get a taste of the good stuff before committing.
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