Greatest Mistake in Email Marketing

“The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing” said Henry Ford.

I want to tell you about the greatest mistake I made, and I see so many other people make day in and day out. You may as well be making this mistake.

When you make this mistake, your chances of building a large and responsive audience are nearly zero.

There are five steps to email marketing mastery and in this first part, we look the most important step. Whether you are starting out or have already built a list and want to grow it, this video is like core foundation.

Will email you soon with the next video – which will cover the next four steps in email marketing mastery.


And yeah, don’t forget to post a comment about your tribe below…

26 thoughts on “Part 1

  1. Grateful for the information.
    I have 38 subscribers so far. I’m just starting to build my email base.
    I started using Email Subscribers plugin on my website.
    I am from Ukraine, therefore, sorry for errors in the text (I through Google Translate).
    All good!
    All successful events and achievements!

  2. At the moment over 3,000 subscribers…looking to build brand awareness, Already have a(Tribe) target market. Results they will receive is quality work at affordable prices.

  3. Thanks for your information.
    I’m a beginner, an artist writing pop-songs , the last one with lyrics concerning our planet and environment. My challenge is to find my audience… to reach out when thousands do the same every day. But I think my music stands out and has something to say, so we’ll see.
    Thanks K

  4. Hi Nirav!

    My Target Market/Niche is The Fitness, Health and Gym Industry.

    My Target Audience show to be always looking to get fitter, better body aesthetically, gaining muscle etc for Men. For Women, Bigger booty, toned and ripped, sexier legs.

    The issues or frustrations I feel they endure and experience are being time poor, financially poor, cant put on/lose weight.

    I would love some help on how to drive traffic to my site


  5. Hello Nirav!

    My Target Market is the Educational Toys, Brain Development Products for children.

    My Target Audience are the parents who want the best solution for the their kids especially who love to play gadget and anti-social. In additional, my product is for child who want to learn to read and speak in early 3 years old.

    I have 900+ subscriber but most of the did not open the article and newsletter that I post to them. The product also less sell because of the price.

    Thank you.

  6. Greetings Nirav.
    My wife and I just opened in a new market, completely different from where our other successful brokerage is operating. I’m new with email marketing. having only 10 current subscribers, which are most likely all affiliated to my staff. My niche is residential real estate sellers 200k-1M. Our target client is working class, mid-upper working class, frustrated with lazy agents, lack of communication, false promises, sub-par marketing efforts, and lack of results. My industry and location are very difficult as everyone is an “expert” here but few actually deliver. We’re new in this market so we have a lack of performance to brag about down here compared with our other office and we’re having a hard time getting conversations started. When we do, THEY LOVE US and what we do. Trying to get them to not run the other way when we say we’re in real estate is another story. I look forward to your lessons and guidance.
    All the Best.

  7. my target audience are those who interest in living a balanced life that is mind body and spirit. also i food that people who are interested in yoga meditation and mindfulness are great. but mostly i’m looking for people who can be easily influenced, who are coachable, but i don’t know how to find them.

  8. Hello,
    I need help after migration of my blog from to WordPress. I do not look to increase any audience ot to sell anything. I just want to use my blogs to inform the users when I post a new article. This was easy ans straightforward on but it is now a nightmare since my blog has migrate to WordPress. First of all, I contacted who informed me that the feature was not available in WordPress and I needed to add a plugin which I did. Afterward I was told I needed to add another plugin to export my users from in a CVS file in order to enable import into Email Subscriber which I did also but at the end I still cannot find my contcts in the list. I already spend hours on this and really get fed up as I fell roing round in circle. Pleeease can you help me. Many thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Annie,

      Thank you for using Email Subscribers.

      Please contact us. We will take a look into your issue.

  9. My daughter and I started an online store selling outdoor equipment (camping, fishing and hiking equipment). We have used Google, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest to drive traffic to our website. We have more than 1000 visits, but almost no sales. We have not tried to collect emails (until now). In developing an email campaign, we want to do it right so we don’t waste time and money.

  10. Thanks that help

  11. Hi Nirav!

    My Target Market/Niche is The Fitness, Health and Gym Industry.

    My Target Audience is looking to get fitter, better body aesthetically, gaining muscle etc . But also learning how to live a healthy life style without all the complications.

    The issues or frustrations I feel they endure Are health issues from being overweight. Not understanding the right foods to eat and the right workouts to do.

    I would love some help on how to drive traffic to my site

  12. Sir,
    I have a website about education. I basically write about teaching and learning. My target audience is teachers, learners and educators. I have an email list of 24. A facebook page of 20k but I doesn’t drive enough traffic. I get an average of 200 visitors a day. The rate of clicks is very low. sometimes, no clicks. Can you help me sir?

  13. Hello,
    I have a new blog for book reviews. I started it originally so I would be able to get free novels from NetGalley. Now I would like to expand it so I can get paid for links (once I figure out how to do that . . I am totally clueless). My target audience would be members of book clubs (English language) who are looking for a good book and perhaps some recipe ideas to go with the book theme.

  14. I am just starting out. My friends and family have begged me for years to write a book or a blog. Writing is a passion of mine so I am giving this media a try. My tribe is definitely women. All women. I try to build family, community, and support among a group of people who are pitted against each other in the outside world. My blog will help them to overcome fears about their body, age, abilities, marriage, parenting, friendships, job stresses, mental illness, addiction, and so much more. Been there, done that is a long-time motto of mine and I hope to help others with my experiences.

  15. Hi to all of you
    I have a website about multicultural life on our planet.
    I believe everyone should be proud of his/her own culture and
    take the time to learn and respect other cultures.
    I also believe the internet has created a new phase in the history
    of mankind and that we need to use it wisely to strengthen humanity.
    We have only this planet, so we must learn from each other how to
    take good care of it. Therefore I use my site to try to market free
    and paid elearning opportunities around the world.
    I have also written a few multilingual and multilingual childrens eBooks.
    I hope to create an interest in what it means to be different and
    to see it as a value. So far I have about 200 subscribers.
    I dont know how they found me, because I have never promoted the site.
    But I hope this training will help me build a larger community of people
    believing that it is our differences that make us strong and
    capable of helping mankind to sustain.

  16. Hi, my target audience are hairdressers/beauty therapists/barbers/salon owners as I sell salon & beauty furniture and accessories. I use my website, Google, Facebook and Instagram to drive potential customers to our site, but it is very time consuming when you are a one person show with all the other things that take up running a business on a daily basis.

    I believe my customers main frustration seems to be lack of choice of quality products available and competitive pricing.

    I don’t have a blog and I’d really love to have another platform that will drive people to my website without spending hours a day on it.

    1. Have you tried forums/ Facebook groups/ emails? Also, I completely get how time-consuming social media platforms can get. To tackle this we use a tool – Hootsuite. Do take a look.

  17. I am starting a blog for moms and women about health, fitness and faith. Mainly helping busy women find ways to be healthier physically and spiritually. I am NEW new to all of this and feeling very overwhelmed! I don’t want to launch it until I have a better understanding of marketing and how to Monetize it

  18. This has been an eye opener and i look forward to benefiting and growing my brand exponentially.

    My target audience is wellness enthusiasts and all those involved in building a wellness culture in their homes, workplace and community.

    Our blogs and podcasts will help provide solutions and give the audience a new approach to person as well as organisational wellness.

  19. Hello Mr. Mehta,
    I am brand new to blogging. My target audience is retirees, like myself. I chose to use travel in the United States as my niche, because of the recent pandemic and how it will effect the future of vacations. I intend to write daily blogs when we are on the road for people to follow with us on our journeys. I hope to include video blogs or podcasts whenever possible.

    Thanks for any assistance; there is so much to learn.

  20. Hi There,
    My name is Kaddie, and I just started a food blog. So, my audience is food/ nutrition focused folks. A challenge in this area that I am taking on is trying to reach a completely different type of audience. Usually food blogs are sought out by natural health nuts, or stay at home moms who make fresh bread for their kids. But, I’m trying to reach a more “alternative” group of people of all ages, who can and should care about their health.

    I look forward to working with you, and learning more about focusing on and truly marketing to my audience.

  21. I watched the first video. Await the next one. My market niche is the motorcycle riding community and right now I have 43 subscribers.

  22. First, thank you Nirav. Our target niche is baby boomers, aging athletes, life enthusiasts who love the outdoors, being active, sports, competition , camaraderie with others of similar mindset. Aging just one quality to be used as an asset rather than the mindset of a hurdle.
    We want to help with :
    Self motivation and maintenance of enthusiasm
    Discovery of “unconscious exercise” just fun
    How to improve regardless of current level or limitations
    Finding others that share your passion

  23. Happy New Year Everyone!

    My Target Market/Niche is Entrepreneurs

    My Target Audience is looking to attract their tribe with a personalized logo to draw immediate attention and create extraordinary, long-term visual impact. Most logos are slick AI and don’t reflect a culture or individuality. Recognition breeds loyalty. I hope to provide each and every client with their unique legacy symbol. Miniatures are memorable! I also make logo designs for book authors using their book cover.
    (P.S. check out my Indian designs, hopefully they are representative of Indian culture).

    Installed Email Subscribers plug-in today and have one subscriber.

  24. My target audience is readers who enjoy historical fiction novels with strong plots. settings and characters, and happy endings; family sagas involving mystery, intrigue. twists and turns, love and tragedy, in British working-class families post WW2.

    Specifically, my novel is about a soldier who returns from WW2 with PTSD, an orphan child who is sent to Canada when he is 13 on an indentured labor contract (British Home Children program), and the German invasion of the Chanel Islands from 1940 to 1946.

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