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How to Grow Your Email List with WordPress Newsletter Plugin

Explore the art of expanding your email list with the dynamic capabilities of a WordPress newsletter plugin. Uncover strategies to connect, engage, and flourish.

WordPress Newsletter

Last updated on August 28, 2023

In the world of digital expansion, harnessing the power of a WordPress newsletter plugin can be the key to unlocking new horizons.

Whether you’re a business owner, blogger, or content creator, get ready to immerse yourself in the world of email marketing mastery. Discover how Icegram Express, a WordPress newsletter plugin, can help you scale new heights, forge deeper connections, and grow your email list like a pro.

What makes automation in email marketing so important?

In your quest to reach your audience, you may wonder how to cut through the noise and deliver your exceptional product or service. The answer is simple—email marketing. It’s a potent tool that allows you to connect with your audience directly in their inbox.

However, it can be time-consuming to create and send emails manually, especially if you have a large list of subscribers.

That’s where email marketing automation comes in. Automation allows you to send emails automatically based on certain triggers, such as when a subscriber signs up for your list, makes a purchase, or abandons their cart.

This frees up your time so you can focus on other tasks, while still keeping your subscribers engaged and informed.

Email Marketing

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But that’s not all. With Icegram Express, you’ll have a reliable assistant who helps you create engaging WordPress newsletters, automate campaigns, and track your progress. Together with us, you can elevate your email marketing to new heights and achieve your goals.

The magic of a WordPress newsletter plugin

Picture this: You’ve got a fantastic website buzzing with valuable content or unique products. Now, imagine visitors scrolling through your digital realm and encountering enticing sign-up forms that practically whisper, “Hey there, want more awesome stuff delivered straight to your inbox?”

That’s the magic of a WordPress newsletter plugin.

Grow your email list with Icegram Express wordpress newsletter

Icegram Express

With over 150,000+ active installs, Icegram Express is trusted by users all over the world. It’s the perfect tool to start building your mailing list in an easy and intuitive way. From creating forms, and newsletters to managing subscribers, everything is designed to get you emailing in no time.

  • Quick surveys: Easily add polls or surveys to your emails to get feedback from your subscribers.
  • Bulk subscriber data updates: Efficiently update existing subscriber information in bulk with the revamped CSV import feature.
  • Hassle-free housekeeping: Keep your database tidy and perfect by automating housekeeping tasks.
  • Block dangerous domain emails: Fight spammers & bots with our domain blacklist. Also, no need to worry about email list cleaning, focus solely on hassle-free email marketing for WordPress.
  • Streamlined email logs: Track and troubleshoot email-sending issues from extensive logs within the plugin

Our powerful newsletter builder allows you to create beautiful, content-rich newsletters using your own content. Track your campaigns with in-depth reports and learn how to improve engagement over time.

Start getting subscriptions in no time

The easy forms creation tool allows you to place subscription forms and lead magnets anywhere on your WordPress-powered website. Sit back and watch your visitors turn into engaged subscribers.

Sort them automatically into targeted lists and greet them with custom-designed welcome emails. Automate daily, weekly, or monthly newsletters to keep them informed about offers, the latest blog posts, and new content.

Build your newsletters visually with our powerful composer

The super-intuitive drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to set up your first campaign. Choose from over 25 blocks, add images, gifs, blog posts, WooCommerce products, YouTube videos, headers, footers, and even HTML snippets.

Create your unique design with real-time previews for various devices and run test sends to ensure everything is perfect before delivery. When you’re ready, just hit the send button and let Icegram Express take care of the rest.

Get detailed reports of your campaigns


Easily track your campaign’s performance and get in-depth stats on opens, clicks, and other metrics. Monitor improvements over time and re-target your subscribers with dedicated campaigns.

Move unresponsive recipients to custom lists and create a healthier address book with an enhanced click-through rate.

Set your newsletters on autopilot

With our automation features, you can design a mind-blowing layout using our Composer and set delivery times, whether repeating or on a specific date. Sit back and watch your mailing list grow effortlessly.

With an autoresponder, you can create different follow-up newsletter series, automatically sent to your subscribers with your preferred delay.

Integrates seamlessly with popular form builders

Icegram Express easily blends with popular form builder plugins like Contact Form 7, Ninja Forms, Elementor, Gravity Forms, and WP Forms. Set up your preferred tool and watch your mailing list grow.

Then target your collected subscribers with dedicated offers, scheduled newsletters, or any content you’d like to send with Icegram Express.

Optimize email open rates with smart timing

Subscribers are in different time zones and have unique email reading habits. With Icegram Express, you can increase email open rates by sending messages at the optimal time for each subscriber.

Our system determines the ideal open time for individual subscribers based on their interaction history over the past year, ensuring your emails land in their inbox at just the right moment.

Celebrate special moments with date-based workflow triggers

Make your subscribers feel special by sending personalized emails on their birthdays or anniversaries. Collect these important dates using a custom field in the subscription form, and let Icegram Express automatically trigger a sequence of emails based on that date.

Boost open rates with preheader text

The preheader text is the email “preview” that appears in Gmail along with the email subject. Icegram Express now allows you to enrich your subject lines with preheader text, providing additional context and summarizing your email content.

This encourages subscribers to open your emails, thereby improving open rates.

Increase your sending options according to your needs

Icegram Express integrates with external mail delivery services of varying complexity, allowing you to connect to your preferred service and send email marketing campaigns without server limits or deliverability problems.

Your reliable assistant for engaging newsletters

But that’s not all. With Icegram Express, you’ll have a reliable assistant that will help you create engaging WordPress newsletters, automate campaigns, and track your progress. With us, you can elevate your email marketing to new heights and achieve your goals.


Remember, email marketing is a powerful tool, and Icegram Express is here to help you unlock its full potential. Trust in our expertise and let us guide you toward email marketing success.

Unleash the power of personalized, engaging, and data-driven campaigns today. Your audience is waiting—don’t keep them in suspense!

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