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Icegram’s Business Model, Renewals and Marketplace

Icegram's Business Model: Free + Premium Add-ons

When we released Icegram a little over a year ago, we wanted everyone to benefit from it. We want all WordPress users – from bloggers to businesses – to be able to inspire, convert and engage with their visitors. We did not want price and money to be a bottleneck. So we knew it had to be free.

At the same time, we knew we must create a thriving business around Icegram. We want Icegram to be a tool that everyone can rely on, and for that, the economics must be in place.

We have businesses that work on different models. Our business analytics app Putler has a monthly subscription model. Our WooCommerce extensions business – Store Apps – is paid plugins with annual renewals. Our Basecamp / activeCollab extensions business – Apps Magnet – too is paid + renewals. We also have “freemium” WordPress plugins – where the core is free, but there is a “Pro” version with additional, more advanced features.

Icegram is more a free core + marketplace for premium addons model. Similar to WooCommerce actually.

Renewals are needed because…

We want you to have the latest and the best plugins

The WordPress ecosystem works on iterative development. There are numerous upgrades to WordPress, themes and all plugins throughout the year. We keep updating our add-ons for compatibility with WordPress, themes and other plugins. Not only that, we continue adding features and enhancements through the year. Plus we are prompt in fixing problems.

As a customer, when you renew your add-on license, you know you will always have the latest and the best plugin available.

We want you receive A-class support

If you have ever interacted with our support team, you know they are super helpful. A long list of positive reviews confirms this. As a matter of fact, we consider awesome support a part of our product. That's why we have Icegram developers themselves taking care majority of support requests.

By renewing your license you ensure yourself this A-class support.

We want to ensure ongoing value for customers

A thriving business will serve its customers better. Icegram is a bootstrapped business and we want to ensure we stay in business and thrive – so that we can create bigger and bigger value for all our customers. Renewal's create a cashflow stream that allows us to focus on creating bigger future.

Renewals are cheap… and easy.

We have priced our addons to be affordable to everyone. And we wanted to make sure that continues even for renewals. So renewals are priced at about 50% of the current addons prices. Renewing Icegram add-ons won't cost you much.

Plus it's super easy to renew. Just login to My Account page, and click on “Renew All” to renew all add-ons that are due for renewal. The renewal button will show up only in the last month – so you don't have to bother about it beforehand. We will also send a reminder email so you don't miss it.

Renewals are not compulsory…

You can continue using the add-ons as long as you want. Renewals are not compulsory. Renewals are needed to continue receiving support and new versions of the add-ons. So if you don't need that, you can continue using the version you have forever.

Discounted renewal pricing is available for limited time though

The discounted renewal pricing is available for upto 3 months after the license expires. So if you don't renew within that time, you will need to buy a new license at full price to get the latest version of the plugin or support.

Wasn't there a one time fee for add-ons??

We've always mentioned the annual renewal policy in our Terms. However, we did not have clear mention of renewals on our product pages. This could have caused confusion over pricing. We've received support requests from people about this, so we know we've missed out on this. We are adding a note about renewals on product pages and are sorry for any confusion we may have created for you.

What if you don't renew?

We strongly suggest you renew, but if you prefer not to renew:

You can continue using the add-ons. They won't be revoked or disabled. However, as the license has expired you won't be entitled to support. You will also lose the privilege of getting updates, fixes and new developments. You can renew within 3 months of license expiry at renewal prices. Beyond that you can re-purchase the add-on at its full price.

Should you renew now?

Yes. We suggest renewing your add-ons as and when they are due for renewal. We want to ensure uninterrupted service to you. Plus we've priced renewals to be affordable.

The Marketplace

We designed Icegram to be extensible. So far, all the add-ons and themes in our catalog are designed by us. But we are looking forward to have third party developers create themes and plugins for Icegram. If you are interested in this, contact us today!

Got questions?

If we didn't answer your question here, or if you have any feedback, feel free to contact us or leave a comment here.

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