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How to Write Heartfelt Holiday Emails Your Subscribers Will Adore

Master holiday greetings and share traditions. Create engaging emails with exclusive deals, exciting brand news, and charitable initiatives that make your subscribers feel special.

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Last updated on January 17, 2024

Holiday seasons are here and it’s time to make your subscribers feel special. How? By sending them heartfelt emails. The kind that not only nurtures your relationships but also brings big smiles to your subscribers’ faces. Now, you might be thinking, “Sounds great, but how do I pull it off?” Very simple, just read this whole blog carefully and you are good to go.

Set the right tone with a warm holiday greeting

Start with cheerful holiday greetings such as Wishing you a holly, jolly Christmas or Cheers to a Happy New Year. A greeting sets a warm and welcoming tone. Keep it short and sweet, around 2 to 3 sentences. After the greeting, start the main message or purpose of your email.

Share some of your favorite holiday traditions. Keep things light and avoid controversial topics. Use an encouraging and inspiring call to action if appropriate. Something like “Jingle all the way to joy, Click for a merry surprise.”

Spread joy and gift smiles with your holiday email, the greatest present for your subscribers. And finally, send all emails to all subscribers in just a few clicks through Icegram Express.

Share exciting news about your brand

You can use some exciting news about your company to spread extra cheer. Tell them about any new products or services launching soon. Here’s a tip: tease your readers with a sneak peek of your fresh software or a peek at the new markets you’re venturing into.

Avoid a heavy sales pitch. Keep it light and let your readers know how the news is all about making their lives better. Celebrate the past year’s victories, whether it’s hitting milestones, winning industry awards, or receiving stellar customer feedback. Take a moment to reflect and cheer for these achievements. But remember, be genuine and avoid bragging. Keep the tone inspiring and motivational.

Offer exclusive holiday discounts and promotions

Make this holiday season extra special for your subscribers with some awesome deals:

  • 15-20% off: Yup, that’s a sweet discount on your next buy or service.
  • Free shipping: Orders over $50? We got you covered with free shipping.
  • BOGO 50% off: Grab one, get the second at half price on selected stuff.
  • Free gift or bonus: Spend $100, and we’re throwing in a little extra as our way of saying thanks.

Make your subscribers feel extra special with an exclusive offer: an extra 5-10% off on our 15% holiday sale. This deal is just for newsletter subscribers, so use code HOLIDAY10 at checkout for that extra savings joy. Also, include eye-catching images of your products or services in your email. Pictures help bring your message to life and capture interest.

Give back with charitable initiatives and donations

Share the joy with every purchase

Make your holiday emails warmer by pledging to donate a portion of sales to a meaningful cause. If you specialize in eco-friendly products, consider supporting an organization dedicated to environmental preservation. Your subscribers will feel awesome knowing that each purchase helps make a difference.

Join us in doing good

Take it a step further! Initiate a fundraiser through platforms like GoFundMe. Inform your email and social media contacts and encourage them to contribute. Here’s the exciting part – we’ll match some of the donations. Collaborate with the chosen charity to amplify the message. Let’s not only focus on gift-giving this holiday season but also on giving back together!

Express gratitude for your loyal subscribers

Your loyal customers have an important role in making your business. So it’s important to express gratitude, especially during festive times. Tell them their importance and genuinely appreciate your continued support and partnership. For example:

A heartfelt thanks for being an amazing subscriber! Your support is our guiding light, and we can’t express how much it means. Your loyalty shapes our special community, and we’re deeply grateful for it. Cheers to more great moments together!

Get creative with festive email designs

The holidays are a perfect time to show your subscribers some extra love. Putting in a bit of effort to create festive email designs will make your messages even more special. Here are a few ways to spread some holiday cheer through creative email styling:

Use a holiday-themed header image

A fun header photo instantly puts readers in the holiday spirit. Consider an image of ornaments, stockings, or a Christmas tree. Animate the header with falling snow or twinkling string lights for extra cheer. Just be sure the image still allows your email subject and preview text to be clearly visible.

Include seasonal graphics, icons, and borders

Small details, like wreaths, candy canes, stockings, Christmas tree icons, and borders of holly tinsel or string lights, can add a festive flare to an email design. Make sure these touches don’t detract from your content by keeping their usage minimal.

Change your font to a decorative holiday style

Using a festive cursive or calligraphy font for your email header, subject line, or body text is a simple way to make your message look more seasonal. Some classic holiday font options include Edwardian Script, Lucida Calligraphy, or Mistral. Again, moderation is key – don’t make your email hard to read by using a decorative font for all of your text.

Incorporate holiday colors into your template

The classic red, green, and gold holiday color palette is perfect for creating a warm, cozy email design. You might use these colors for your header image, icons, borders, text links, or call-to-action buttons. Just keep your primary text black for maximum readability and accessibility. If you’re short on time, you can go ahead and use pre-made templates.

Send holiday-themed content your audience will love

The holidays are a perfect time to connect with your email subscribers in a more personal way. Sending heartfelt, holiday-themed content is a great way to spread some extra cheer and strengthen your relationship with readers.

Share holiday traditions

Tell your subscribers about some of your favorite holiday traditions, memories, or recipes. For example, you might share:

  • A story about baking Christmas cookies with family as a child.
  • A recipe for your grandma’s secret eggnog or candy cane fudge.
  • A photo of your family gathered around the Christmas tree.

By giving your audience an inside glimpse of your personal life, they feel more connected with both you and your brand.

Offer a special deal or gift

Give your subscribers an extra special gift to show your appreciation. For example, you might offer:

  • A limited-time holiday sale or promotion
  • A free downloadable gift like an ebook, checklist, or toolkit
  • A contest or giveaway for a prize your audience would love

A thoughtful gift or deal is a great way to spread cheer and give your readers some valuable holiday content. Sending a little extra joy and appreciation to your subscribers during this season will make them feel special and strengthen your connection.

Preview what’s ahead in the new year

Holidays are an excellent time to provide subscribers with a preview of next year. Drop some hints about upcoming content, products, or events to generate excitement and build anticipation among them. Keep things light and casual. For example, say something like: I’ve been working behind the scenes on some new content and features. I think you’re really going to benefit and enjoy it. Stay tuned for more details. This builds interest without revealing too much. Your subscribers will be eager to see what you have in store for them.


It’s all about personalizing your emails, showing gratitude, and getting creative. Following these tips won’t just help you connect with people during the holidays, but it’ll also build lasting customer loyalty. The special deals, genuine thank-yous, and creative email ideas all point toward a customer-first approach. So, if you want your holiday emails to stand out and build a real connection, these suggestions seem like a solid way to go.

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