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Icegram 1.8.5 released

February has indeed been a month of love and we love our customers to the extreme core.

There were a couple of things our customers reported/ requested us via support tickets and as a symbol of our love to their plea we have now released Icegram 1.8.5.

This version consists of a few fixes and one new update.

New Update

This is related to Form Embed Documentation. We made it tard easier for our clients to seek help by placing the ‘Help' button right where you can see it (i.e right next to the add optin/subscription form option.


Coming to the fixes we have a string of them

Fix: Default mode of content editor set to visual

Fix: Popup hiding behind header for some themes

Fix: Device targeting rule not working on newer devices

Fix: Preview working only after Publishing –Previously we received a lot of mails complaining about how the preview only worked once the post was published and not otherwise. We took this issue under our wing and woohoo we got it fixed. Go ahead create a campaign and preview it before even publishing it.

P.S. Eager to hear out your experiences on this one!



2 thoughts on “Icegram 1.8.5 released

  1. Quick question…is there a way to force users to complete a goal in a lead capture? How do I remove the “X” and disable the escape button so that users cannot close the popup? Is this feature included now or will it be added?

    1. You can use Behavior Triggers and CTA Actions plugins to achieve something like this – with sequential messages that show one after the other on the same page.

      There isn’t a simpler way yet..

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