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Icegram 1.8.9 – Lazy For The Win!

We released Icegram 1.8.9 today. This edition has a ton of under the hood changes – and we were nervous pushing the release button – but for most users, there will be little or no change!

Here's what we covered…

Lazy Loading – to combat caches

If you use a caching plugin, or have aggressive caching setup at the web server level, Icegram may not work as desired. The caching system caches the entire page (including Icegram messages shown, which were shown based on targeting rules) and shows the same page to new visitors – including the same messages. This is not a problem generally, but can be a disaster if you wanted to show different messages to different visitors or if you were using split testing.

We started working on building a solution that will work with caches as well as allow showing messages correctly based on targeting rules / split testing.

It tooks us a few intensive weeks to put together a solution that we are satisfied with. And in the process, we carried out some major internal changes to how Icegram scripts and messages are loaded.

We call the fix “Lazy Loading”. Technically speaking lazy loading is nothing but a technique used to defer initialization of an object until the point at which it is needed. On the web, the term is typically used to refer to things that you load on demand, or load just before they'd be needed.

Using Caching? Turn on Lazy loading…

So if you are using page level caching, do not forget to turn on lazy loading under Icegram settings.

Activate Lazy Loading Feature
Turn on Cache Compatibility with Lazy Loading under Icegram Settings

W3 Total Cache, Nginx, Super Cache and all other caching solutions are good friends with Icegram now!

Side benefit – faster Icegram overall!

While we were revamping how Icegram loads all its JavaScripts and CSS, we also went ahead and added some performance optimizations. All Icegram JavaScript and CSS files are now minified out of the box. This means everything will load faster!

Undoing our wrong and Giving you control with Theme Color Picker

Some of the Icegram messages allow picking up a background and text color. In the last release of Icegram, we added a feature – ok.. at least we thought so – to automatically determine call to action button colors based on background and text color you selected.

We were excited about this feature because we thought it was very smart.

Alas.. we were wrong.

Soon after the release of 1.8.8 version, we started receiving complaints about “broken themes” and “messed up colors” and “something weird happening”…

We knew we goofed up.

We're cleaning it up in 1.8.9. And actually giving you – the user – control over picking up background and text colors for both the message body and the call to action button.

Customization Option
Customization Option

The way this works is two fold.

If you want to use the default colors a theme comes with, leave things as is. But if you want to change them, tick the box and pick up your colors.

Got Feedback? Wondering about that unicorn?

If you are wondering about why we used that unicorn image in this post, or have any comments, feel free to post below!

One thought on “Icegram 1.8.9 – Lazy For The Win!

  1. Truly Fantastic !

    This really changes how Icegram works with the introduction of Lazy Loading.

    Only a few minor changes more (like this one) and Icegram will lead all others out in the market.

    Great Indeed !

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