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Icegram 1.9.5 Released

Hey there,

We just released the a new version of Icegram i.e Icegram 1.9.5. And we promise it will have you delighted!

You might love the current Icegram messages but with this release the love will only double or maybe even triple…

The Reason being ANIMATIONS. We added animations to Icegram messages. Now most of your messages can SLIDE or simply APPEAR and thus guarantee to grab your visitors attention even better.

Sneak Peak: The team is working on a lot more animations but before that we would like to know your take on these initial ones. Do try them out! 

Another major thing in this new release is the RESPONSIVENESS. Yes, Icegram Action Bars are now responsiveness and slimmer. So if you've been using an action bar or planning to, now is the right time. Go on and get going..

Feedback/ Suggestions are always welcome. Do write in to us in the comment section 🙂

Team Icegram!

2 thoughts on “Icegram 1.9.5 Released

  1. I wanted to ask if you can change the background color in your pop ups?



    1. Yes Oliver, you can change the background colors in popups (also in other message types). If you like the default ones you can retain that as well 🙂

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