Icegram Engage Quick Start

Icegram Engage Workflow - How does it work?

Many other message types are available as premium add-ons. For example: Inline messages, Sidebars, full screen Overlays, Exit Redirect confirmations, Interstitials / Superstitials, Ribbons, Stickies and Badges.

We’ve also created premium add-ons for Analytics, Behavior Triggers, Geolocation, CTA Actions, showing Icegram Engage on remote sites and more. You may want to try them out!

Like Videos? Here’s one…

Watch this quick video to learn setting up Campaigns and Messages…

And here’s a screenshot of how you may configure a campaign and messages within.

Edit A Campaign Screen with One Message Editing Panel Open

FAQ / Common Problems

Messages look broken / formatting is weird…

This is most likely due to CSS conflicts with current theme. We suggest using simple formatting for messages. You can also write custom CSS in your theme to fix any problems.

Extra Line Breaks / Paragraphs in messages…

Go to HTML mode in content editor and pull your custom HTML code all together in one line. Don’t leave blank lines between two tags. That should fix it.

How do I add custom CSS for messages?

You can use custom CSS/JS inline in your message HTML. You can also use your theme’s custom JS / CSS feature to add your changes.

Optin Forms / Mailing service integration…

You can embed any optin / subscription form to your Icegram Engage messages using ‘Embed Form’ button above text editor. Paste in form HTML code and let Icegram Engage clean it up! You may even use a shortcode if you are using a WP plugin from your newsletter / lead capture service.

How many messages should I show on a page?

While Icegram Engage provides you lots of different message types and ability to add multiple messages to a campaign, we discourage you to go overboard. We’ve observed two messages on a page work well, but YMMV!

Preview does not work / not refreshing…

Doing a browser refresh while previewing will not show your most recent changes. Click ‘Preview’ button to see a preview with your latest changes.

Can I use shortcodes in a message?

Yes! Messages support shortcodes. You may need to adjust CSS so the shortcode output looks good in your message.

WPML / Multilingual usage…

Go to Messages from Icegram Engage menu. Edit a message and translate it like any other post. Icegram Engage will show translated message where possible. Choose All posts under WPML Language setting – Blog Posts to display, to fall back to default language messages.

I can’t find a way to do X…

Icegram Engage is actively developed. If you can’t find your favorite feature (or have a suggestion) contact us. We’d love to hear from you.

I’m facing a problem and can’t find a way out…

Contact Us, provide as much detail of the problem as you can. We will try to solve the problem ASAP.

What Next?

Wow! You now know everything to use Icegram Engage! Couple of things you may want to do next: