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Icegram – The Best Social Sharing Companion

Interested in harnessing the power of social media on your website? Here are three ways which will help you increase your social media presence almost instantly!

Method 1: Promote a Single Social Media Profile

Follow on Twitter AB 2
Icegram's Action bar used for showing one social media profile

Method 2: Promote Multiple Social Media Profiles

Icegram's ribbon message type used to showcase multiple social media profiles
Icegram's ribbon message type used to showcase multiple social media profiles

Method 3: Promote Sharing of Articles

Icegram's inline message type used for sharing a blogpost
Icegram's inline message type used for sharing a blogpost

Achieving Social Sharing With Icegram

Did you find the illustrations interesting? Then you must surely read more and learn how to achieve the above examples using Icegram.

Step 1: Choosing a Plugin for Social Sharing

There are multiple plugins available for implementing social sharing in the market. We've picked out two best ones right here.

Shareaholic is easy to use as it has drag and drop functionality and thus helps you get started quickly. On the other hand, if you at the reviews and the downloads of these plugins, you can easily conclude that Simple Share Buttons Adder is the better one.

Step 2: Integrating Icegram with Shareaholic

  • Install Shareaholic on your WordPress site. Configure the icons the way you like from their settings page.
  • Grab the shortcode and enter it in the Icegram campaign created by you.That's it!

Over to You

It's the age of social networking and I guess your business should harness every bit of this opportunity. Go set a social sharer plugin, integrate it with Icegram (2 simple steps) and watch as customers show you love socially!!

5 thoughts on “Icegram – The Best Social Sharing Companion

  1. Hi, do you guys have any premium add ons that allows coupon pop up? like upon liking one of my social media accounts i will reveal a discount code for check out?

    1. We don’t have any add-ons that do this, but it should be fairly easy to trigger an Icegram message (a coupon in a popup for example) when some other action happens – using JavaScript. So if the social plugin you use allows writing JavaScript when someone likes you content (or similar), you can show an Icegram message from there.

  2. This cut my jaw open.

    I have been struggling all these while without knowing that Icegram rocks this way.

    Oh Icegram, why do you hide may of your features!

    To be candid, I still believe that you guys haven’t really explore your own plugins.

    Let’s keep the romantic moments with Icegram coming.

    I ain’t missing you again, boy Icegram!

    Thanks Andrea, for replying to my mail.

    And Kudos to you all at Icegram.

  3. Hey, guys I wonder where can I find the shortcode in Simple Share Button adder?

    Hope you can help me 😀

    1. You can add any shortcode in Icegram message body/Headline.
      So if you have Simple Share Button adder shortcode then you can add it in Icegram message body/ headline.
      Let us know how it goes?

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