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Icegram v1.4 – analytics, automatic button color, housekeeping actions and more

We just released Icegram version 1.4.

Here's what has changed:

  • NEW: Targeting Rule: “Exclude pages” from a site wide campaign
  • NEW: Options to cleanup Icegram data and remove shortcodes from content
  • NEW: CTA button color is automatically determined based on background color
  • NEW: FREE Analytics add-on (available from
  • Update: This version is compatible with WordPress 4.0

New, Free Analytics add-on

Tracking campaign performance is critical. Tracking impressions and conversions helps you objectively measure what's working and what's not. And then optimize it.

Today, we are also releasing a free add-on for Icegram – Analytics.

Analytics tracks campaign and messages shown, their conversions and displays a nice snapshot of these stats while you are editing a campaign / message.

There is a lot more we want to do for reporting / analytics, but we believe this is a good start.

Go ahead, add the Analytics add-on to cart (it's free) and proceed to checkout.

Automatic Call to Action button colors

Icegram so far had fixed colors for call to action buttons. With version 1.4, CTA color is automatically determined based on the message background color you select. Buttons will no longer look off place!

Don't show campaigns on specific pages…

Icegram includes an option to show a campaign on specific pages (this is by far the most popular targeting rule).. There is also a “show sitewide” option. We have now added “exclude from” option when you are showing a campaign site wide. Meaning, it will show on all pages of the site, except pages you specifically excluded.

This was a feature request from a customer, and we are happy we included it in Icegram!

Housekeeping actions…

Housekeeping actions let you remove all Icegram shortcodes from your content if you like; or delete all campaigns and messages data. This can be very handy if you did some test campaigns and want to go live.

Give us reviews on!!

If you liked Icegram, we request you to leave a review on Your reviews will help fellow WordPress users get a clearer understanding of what Icegram can do for them.

Thank you!

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