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Popup Do’s and Don’ts for escaping the Google Penalty

Last updated on October 1, 2016

Popups have been ruling the internet over a decade now. It’s a proven method and an absolute favourite of internet marketers.

According to a study, Marketers have reported a 1350% increase in subscriptions and a 10X in conversion rates using popups.

Then Why Popups Fail?

Though popups are tremendously powerful for businesses, they are not necessarily the customer’s favorite.

Imagine, going to a website and before the page loads a popup appears. Now however good be the content of the popup, you instinctively close it as it is not something you came to the website for. If this is how customers react to popups, then how do marketers achieve phenomenal success using them?

The key lies in Targeting.

How Great Marketers Use Popups?

Marketers have mastered the art of targeting popups such that they become less annoying and more engaging.

Some good practices, followed by most marketers is

  • They never target their popups at 0 seconds.
  • Always target a popup either on the user’s scroll position or after a few seconds of the customers arrival.

Why Google plans to penalise Websites using Mobile Popups?

Though smartly targeting a popup is the only way to convert visitors while using popups, many websites today don’t comply to it. They simply show a popup whenever a website loads. Thus, leaving the customers frustrated. This frustration is only doubled if a visitor is viewing the website via a mobile device.

Google noticed this issue faced by mobile users, and has taken a measure to curb it. According to Google’s latest notice, any website that shows a zero second popup/ interstitial on their website in the mobile view will be penalized. (Read more about the penalty.)

After 17th January, 2017 websites which still show intrusive zero second popups/ interstitial on their websites (in the mobile view) will be kicked to the bottom of Google’s search rankings.

What precaution we took within Icegram’s Popups?

Automatic Conversion of zero second popups to Google friendly action bars

We’ve internally converted every popup that shows up at 0 seconds on the mobile device to an action bar. This action bar will show the exact headline as your original popup. And onclick of the CTA the popup will appear. Thus, not annoying the visitor in anyway.

The best part is, Icegram identifies if any Icegram popup on your website is targeted at 0 seconds on a mobile device and converts it to an action bar automatically. Not giving Google a chance of penalising your website and also saving you tons of time and effort.

Extensive Popup Targeting Options in Icegram
The next thing that Icegram did to ensure that visitors who see popups don’t get annoyed is – gave various Targeting options.

Icegram not only lets you customise your popups visually it also lets you target them smartly. Thus, helping you gain as much conversion as possible.

Now, once you have filled in the content, selected your popup template, button text, links etc. You need set the targeting rules.
Icegram provides you various targeting options like:

  • Device Targeting – Mobile, Tablets, Desktops
  • User Targeting – Logged in, Not logged in, All users
  • Targeting depending on user’s scroll position
  • Time based targeting
  • Geographical Targeting
  • Page level targeting

You are free to choose and target your popup depending on your requirement.

What Precautions You Should Take to avoid the Google Penalty

1. No Zero Second Popups on Mobile devices

As Google is trying to improve the user experience for customers, the very first thing you need to do is stop using intrusive popups, interstitials on websites ( only mobile view)

How to achieve this using Icegram:
Icegram let’s you do this easily. All you need to do is uncheck the mobile device option in the device targeting section.

2. Target Popups after some time delay

Don’t show a popup/ interstitial as soon as a customer lands on your website. Instead target the popup depending on the customer’s scroll position, or simply show the popup after say 15-25 seconds later.

How to achieve this using Icegram:
Icegram’s behavior triggers feature lets you target the popup depending upon the visitors scroll position. Icegram also lets you select a delay time and show a popup later.

3. Show Popup on basis of scroll position

Another way you can continue using popups/ interstitial on your website even in the mobile view is show it based on the scroll position ideally when the customer is in the mid area or the bottom of the page

How to achieve this using Icegram:
Icegram’s behavior triggers feature provides you with Scroll based targeting. You can easily target a popup using this targeting rule and show it only when a person scrolls through your webpage.

What do you think? Do you have any more suggestions/ questions?

Are you an Icegram user? If yes, we would love to hear your feedback about this update.

If no, kindly write what precaution will you be taking to avoid the Google Penalty.

PS. We completely support Google’s policy and hope that visitors get a better user experience real soon.

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